The following diary consists of very brief listings of the daily activities of a soldier who was stationed in England during 1944.  He attended a variety of movies and often mentioned who starred in the movie and whether or not he enjoyed it.  He also often mentioned the damage done by German bombs.  The diary ends abruptly, in early August.  We are never told the soldier’s name and do not know if he was injured during the war or if he merely lost the diary.


January 1944


2nd (Sunday )-  ‘D’ Watch Party.  Successful.  Back from pass on last-bus (90/c)

3rd (Monday) - cleared up after party at Village Hall.

4th (Tuesday) - Guard at Wrotham

5th (Wednesday) - On pass at 13-00.  Saw “Miracle of Morgan’s Creek”

6th (Thursday) - Back on 9 o’clock bus from pass.  Saw “The Nelson Touch.” OK.

7th (Friday) - Payday (10 pounds)

8th (Saturday) - Went to Swanley.  Saw Joe E. Brown in “Daring Young Man.” Usual. Also saw “Hot Pearls.”

9th (Sunday) - Afternoon duty.

10th (Monday) - Reported sick at 08-30.  To report sick at 08-30 on 11/1. D.R.O’s say we’re to have hand-grenade (real) practice!  Get soap coupons.

11th (Tuesday) - Hut Orderly. Got laundry with Brian, Harry and Des (whose laundry was muddied). Reported sick (legs).  Put on bentien Violet & bandage.

12th (Wednesday) - Start pass at 19-00. Went home.

13th (Thursday) - Saw “Lassie Come Home.” Too big a queue for “This To The Army”. Sheep-collie was star.  Not bad.

14th (Friday) - Back to Camp.  Browned off.  Helped Winnie in W-room.

15th (Saturday) - Went to Maidstone by bus after walking to Wrotham.  It was so fine.  Thick fog in morning.  Saw “Slightly Dangerous.” O.K.  All buses     stopped.  Walked from Otford. Started nights M/N (midnight).


16th (Sunday) - Slept all day. No egg for breakfast.  In tower at M/N (midnight).

17th (Monday) - Went to Mme. Saw “Bombardier” & “Undercover Man.” Pat O’Brien & R. Scott in picture & “Hopalong” in second.  Could not find van!  Went back by train to Otford.  Got back OK.  Van was there!


18th (Tuesday) - Duty all night.

19th (Wednesday) - Duty all night

20th (Thursday) - Duty all night

21st (Friday) - On duty all night. Did not wake till Des woke me at 4-30.  Caught 6-15 bus, 6-50 train & 7-5 for Bromley.

22nd (Saturday) - On pass. Stayed at home.

23rd (Sunday) - Back off pass. Went on fire-picket in place of George C.

24th (Monday) - Duty morning & evening.  Spent afternoon cleaning up.  Had grand bath!

25th (Tuesday) - Arms lecture in morning.  Duty in afternoon.  Liberty run evening.  Was searched at guardroom.  Handbag (with jewels) missing.  Arrived at Maidstone late.  Went to pictures “I Thang [Thank] You” & “A Little Bit of Heaven” with Daphne Grace & Watch F. Sgt. OK.


26th (Wednesday) - Duty in morning.  Went with Jerry to pictures.  Hitched to Sidcup.  Bussed to Eltham.  Dined there.  Went back to Swanley.  Enjoyed “The Great Schnozzle” & “Power & The Glory” (Australian). Very enjoyable day.


27th (Thursday) - Clng in morning cancelled.  Drill in afternoon. Cancelled. Then arms lecture cancelled.  So went to Swanley with Jerry & Harry; saw “Tramp, Tramp, Tramp” & “Submarine Raider”.  1st rotten, 2nd not too bad.


28th (Friday) - Arms lecture in morning, duty afternoon & guard at Wrotham in evening. Air-raid about 10-30. Mild.

29th (Saturday) - On duty in morning.  Off on pass.  Catch 1.5. Victoria by 2.5.  Saw Margaret O’Brien in “Lost Angel.” Super acting by her. Also saw “ Crazy Horse” (Olsen & Johnson).  Big raid on London.


30th (Sunday) - On pass all day. Walk from Otford. Arrive K. 0000.

31st (Monday) - On duty morning & evening.  Went to Swanley.  Saw “One Dangerous Night” & “Lucky Legs.”  Hitched there & back—OK!


February 1944


2nd (Wednesday) - Fire picquet-?

4th  (Friday) - Arms lecture p.m. Cleaning up in morning. Duty evening.

5th  (Saturday) - Off on pass at 18-30. Walked to Otford. Just missed 19-32 [symbols] Home 21-30!

6th (Sunday) - Home all day on pass

7th (Monday) - Back from pass. Hitched back from Swanley with Jerry. Liberty Run. Did not go! Going on nights.

8th  (Tuesday) - Walked to Wrotham. Bussed to Maidstone. Saw “By Hook or Crook”, “First Love,” “Falling for You.” Trained to Otford. Walked back. 

9th (Wednesday) - Stayed in camp till evening. Went to dance tuition on camp.

10th (Thursday) - Went to Bromley. Too late for film. “Sweet Rosie O’Grady.” Went to Eltham. On there too. Had cup of tea at Swanley buffet. Walked back from Otford.


11th (Friday )- Decided to go to Maidstone to see “Sam Demetrio”. Learned there was a lecture (D.R.O.) at 1900 hrs. I’d had it. Jerry & I cussed. Went to Millview. After lecture, went to bed.


12th (Saturday) - Got up 3 p.m. Decided to hitch to Bromley. Got hitch—back to K!! Did I cuss! Got another hitch for H. Drise to Bromley! Unusual day! Saw “Sweet Rosie O’Grady.” Came back to Swanley & saw “City without Men”. Linda Darwell. Caught last bus back.


13th (Sunday) - Had good sleep. Took part in Housey-Housey. Air raid about hour.

14th (Monday) - Slept till 16.00. Went on pass. Found Camilla still home. Had relapse & was suffering with abscess behind her ear; very painful.

15th (Tuesday) - Stayed in with Camilla. Pain worse in evening. Doctor’s visit not much use p.m.

16th (Wednesday - Back to Kingsdown. Minn off to get Doctor Round. Went to dance tuition after duty—flop! Slept early. Got to bed.

17th (Thursday) - Morning & log. Had gas drill p.m.  Dull day.

18th (Friday) - Afternoon.

19th (Saturday) - Morning.

20th (Sunday) - Evening.


21st (Monday) - Afternoon. HUT-ORD. Weapons. Training in morning. Go on leave after tea. Walk (&ride) to Otford. Catch train OK. Home 8-30 pm Leave starts.


22nd (Tuesday)- Quiet day. Saw Camilla in hospital evening.

23rd (Wednesday) - Saw “His Butlers Sister” & “Thousands Cheer”.  Air raid

24th (Thursday) - Quiet day. Went to see Camilla in hospital. Ear still throbbing & painful. Had been moved to D.3 Was cold after afternoon of x-rays. Air raid.

25th (Friday) - Saw “Phantom of the Opera” & “This is the Army” 1st: OK 2nd: ordinary.  Air raid.

26th (Saturday)- Quiet day. Saw Camilla in evening. Ear not quite so bad but still throbbing. Fed up No news about X-rays!

27th (Sunday) - Quiet day. Saw Camilla in evening. Bit more cheery. Coming out Tuesday a.m.

28th (Monday) - Quiet day.  In all day.

29th (Tuesday) - Quiet day. Camilla came back this morning. Ear still painful.  To see specialist in outpatient’s on Thursday.


March 1944


1st (Wednesday)- Quiet day: Returned to Kingsdown via Oxford at M/N

2nd (Thursday) - Afternoon. Went to Swanley in evening. “Made for Each Other” (Carole Lombard & Jimmy Stewart) & “the Body Vanishes”. Not so hot. Walked for Otford.


3rd (Friday) - Morning. Went to Maidsone saw “Escape from Danger” & “Gals Incorporated.” Good progamme walked back from Otford. At M/N, started nights.


4th (Saturday) - Got up not before 1 p.m. Played Sherwood Foresters. Lost 2-0. Result fair. Windy & cold, Went to Bromley Saw “Kansas” & part of “And the Angels Sing”


5th (Sunday) - Stayed in bed nearly all day. Had bath in evening.  Back in w/room.

6th (Monday) - Up at 2.45 p.m.  Ran to catch bus 3-30.  None. 3-18!  Hitched. In Maidstone, 4-10! with American Ambulance driver.  Saw “First Comes Courage”, “Follow The Band” & “Under the Red Robe” Back by van. W/room.


7th (Tuesday) - Went to Sevenoaks via Wrotham. 25 mins waiting for hitch at Portobello. Long convoys Saw “San Demetrio” & “Gull in Overcalls” Walked home from Otford.


8th (Wednesday) - Up again to go to Bromley, Saw Ritz Bros in “Never a Dull Moment.”  Enjoyed it Came back by bus. (blister on toes & heel)

9th (Thursday) - Went on pass @ 6-15. Caught bus O.K. Caught 6-44 Home 7-30 p.m. Camilla still home. Has had infection & powder on ear. Dad’s ankle not too good.


10th (Friday) - Went to town to see “Time Flies” & “Yanks Ahoy” & “Madame Curie” with Camilla & Mum. Full Moon. Still no raids.

11th (Saturday) - Back again. On guard at Wrotham. Afternoon.

12th (Sunday) - Morning & evening. Quiet day. Afternoon in rec. room

13th (Monday) - Afternoon. Collected coal & coke altho’ not hut orderly. H. Mann was. Went on liberty Run to Maidstone. Saw “Black Raven” (Geo. Zuss) & “The Shipbuilders) (Clive Brook). Not bad.


14th (Tuesday) - Morning. Went to Sevenoaks with Des. Lost there in just over ½ hr in 2 lifts. Saw “The Desperadoes” again & “The Two Senoritas” (Joan Davis). Then called at his aunt’s. Nice people, nice house.


15th (Wednesday) - Evening. Went to Bromley. Saw “Sahar” (silly ending) & “Is Everybody Happy”. (Ted Lewis).

16th (Thursday) - Afternoon. Got ready for pass after getting thoroughly “cheesed” on duty. Felt a lot better by bedtime.

17th (Friday) - Morning. Off on pass. Met Mum & Camilla at Plaza. Had tea & saw “Standing Room Only”. They went home then I saw “Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves”. OK.


18th (Saturday) - Home. Quiet day. Camilla & Mum came back with kitten.

19th (Sunday) - Morning & evening. Went to bed in the afternoon as doing duty in morning for J. Bambrick who is going on leave.

23rd (Thursday) - Evening. Got up 09-30. Found out no parade at 13-45. So went to Bromley. Hitched to point near Bromley. 3rd bus ride got me there by 12-30. Saw “Girls He Left Behind” & “Ladies’ Day” (Eddie Albert). Not bad.


24th (Friday) - Aft. Off on pass in evening. Walked to Otford. Home approx. 21-30. Raid at about 23-00 Lasted about an hour.

25th (Saturday) - On pass. Quiet day at home.

26th (Sunday) - Aft. On Guard in evening

27th (Monday) - Morning. Went to Maidstone with Len. Saw “Brooklyn Orchid” (Marjorie Woodworth) & “Sundown” (Gene Tierney). Then saw “North Star” (Annie Banten) Back by van


28th (Tuesday) - Nights. Stayed in bed all day. (Got up for dinner at tea-time).

29th (Wednesday) - Night. Went to Swanley Saw “I Escaped The Gestapo” (Dean Jagger) & “Ghosts in the Night” (East Side Kids)

 30th (Thursday) - Night. Slept till 17-05. Tried to get to Swanley by b. Had to wait ½ hr for hitch. That did it! Had no tea. Saw “No Time for Love” & “Henry Gets Eleanor” but had to walk from Otford.


31st (Friday) - Night. Stayed up for pay parade. Went to N.A.A.F.T. after cleaning-up. Had dinner after; then to bed. Stayed there till 22-30 altho’ there was an egg for tea. Dance on.


April 1944


1st (Saturday) - Night. In bed most of day. Cold. Got up for tea. Went to N.A.A.F.T in evening- Called in Orderly Room in morning & requested chit for 6 handkerchiefs.

2nd (Sunday) - Nights (sat.) Off on pass at 17-20 Missed 5-30 bus by about 200 yards. Just as well altho’ Sunday. Got super-lift with Len & Mae to Lewisham. Thence home via Crystal Palace.


3rd (Monday) - Went to New Victoria with family. Saw “Heaven is Just Around The Corner” & “Adventures of A Rookie” 1st disappointing 2nd OK!

4th (Tuesday) - Afternoon [2 lines crossed out] Over in tower.

5th (Wednesday) - Morning & evening. Went to bed in afternoon

6th (Thursday) - Aft. Guard in evening.

7th (Friday) - Morning. Hitched to Maidstone altho’ Good Friday. Army van going to Whitstable. Fore along. Saw “The Drum” & “Follies Girl” after tea at the Granada. Walked from Wrotham back way.


8th (Saturday) - Evening.

9th (Sunday) - Afternoon. On fire-piquet. No fire-drill; no 1st-aid lecture as it’s Sunday!

10th (Monday) - Morning. Off on pass at about 14-00 Got lift almost straight away (lucky for Easter Monday) to Swanley. Caught 2-30 train! Soon home.

11th (Tuesday) - Quiet day at home. Walked from Otford. Fine night.

12th (Wednesday) - Morning & evening. Lay down on bed after F.F. E. No sleep tho’. Mae’s banjo & Des’ bass’s wireless. Got laundry.

13th (Thursday) - Evening. Took in clean laundry by 10 a.m.! Went to Swanley Sidcup & Eltham: Hitched back from Sidcup via Farmingham Out on fire-watching at 1-2 a.m!


14th (Friday) - Afternoon. Went to Swanley but came back & went to local show “In The Mood” at the Village Hall. O.K. Quiet night

15th (Saturday) - Morning & evening. H. Mann back. Go to W/room.  On old job. Slept (or tried to sleep) in afternoon. Cup final broadcast at u.p.m. Washed my hair.

16th (Sunday) - Evening. Stayed in bed all dinner-time. In afternoon went to Rec. room Too cold sitting there. Back to Hut & had bath. Cleaned up for tomorrow.

17th (Monday) - Afternoon. Hut Orderly. Parade at 10-30. Too late. Everybody confined to camp until person breaking windows owned up. Owned up hour later. Went on pass 18-30 Caught bus. Had to wait at Bromley for 20-05.


18th (Tuesday) - On pass. Went to see “The Uninvited.” Saw “Henry, Boy Scout” with it also tail-end of “Melody Inn” Then went to see “On Approval”. Saw 2nd half of “Moonlight in Vermont”


19th (Wednesday) - Afternoon. On guard in evening. Air-raid. Tame one.

20th (Thursday) - Morning. Working- parade by cook-house. Roll-call. Drill at 13-45 Afterwards went to Maidstone. Hitched to Boro’ Green. & bussed from there. Saw “Top Man” & “City of Missing Girls” Also “Man Who Lost Himself”. Walked from Otford.


21st (Friday) - Night. Blackballed on state of hut. C Watch cleaned it. Got up at 17-05; caught 18-15 bus. Went to Swanley. Saw “Submarine Alert” (2nd time) & “Night Plane to Chungking” Caught 9 o’clock bus back bath.


22nd (Saturday) - Night. Up at 15-30. Caught 16-30 bus. Just missed 16-50 train to Bromley. Went to Sidcup Regal. Saw “In Old Oklahoma” (OK!) & “₤100 Window” (not bad). Back by 10 pm bus.


23rd (Sunday) - Night. Got up just before 18-00 After tea, shaved etc. Then listened to wireless while cleaning buttons & boots. Went out for short walk via Nat’s Valley


24th (Monday) - Night. Up at 4-40 p.m. Geoff did not wake me at 3. Went to Maidstone on van. Saw “Lovely To Look At” & “The Night to Ending” O.K.

25th (Tuesday) - Night. Got up just after 17-20. Caught 19-14 bus to Wrotham. Went to Boro’ Green cinema. Shut. Only open Sundays & Thursdays. Walked back to camp via Ightham Road.


26th (Wednesday) - Night. Went on pass NO ration-card. Deliberately missed 17-30 bus. Hitched to Bromley Station. Caught bus 94 to Crystal Palace & home!

27th (Thursday) - On pass. [3 lines crossed out] Saw “Buffalo Bill” & “The Beautiful Cheat” 2nd OK. 1st not so hot.

28th (Friday) - Afternoon Spent evening quietly in camp. Dance. Drank 3 or 4 glasses beer. No cider. ¼ waltz.

29th (Saturday) - Morning & evening.

30th (Sunday) - Afternoon On fire piquet. Had drill altho’ Sunday. First aid Lectures cancelled.


May 1944


1st (Monday) - Morning. Went to Maidstone. Walked past Kemsing Station via Otford Rd. Caught Maidstone bus Sevenoaks Rd. Saw [crossed out line] “Son

of Russia” “Headline” Back by van.


2nd (Tuesday) - Evening. Went for walk. Very hot. Explored road leading to spot near Rising Fern. Lay on grass for ¾ hour.

3rd (Wednesday) - Afternoon. On guard! Fine but cold, especially coming back.

4th (Thursday) - Morning. Off on pass. Caught 13-05 bus & 13-30 train. Off Herne Hill. Went home. Then up to town. Saw “4 Jills in a Jeep” & “ Demibbed” (poor programme) with Camilla.


5th (Friday) - Stayed at home. Walked from Otford. Thunderstorms & hailstorms during day but dry walk. Collected laundry.

6th (Saturday) - Morning & Evening. In bed all afternoon.

7th (Sunday) - Evening. Got up for breakfast. Egg. Went back to bed. Went out for walk during afternoon intending to start letter to Auntie. Too hot.

8th (Monday) - Afternoon. Had bilious attach on duty at 5 p.m. Went off lay down. Went to bed eventually at about 7 p.m. Fell O.K. by then excepts for headstone

9th (Tuesday) - Morning & Evening. Feeling fit. Walking parade. Cold. Busy morning. Fetched laundry after having haircut & washing hair & cleaning buttons- Lovely afternoon & evening.


10th (Wednesday) – Evening. Hut-orderly. Went to Bromley. Got lift. He got gonget! Missed 12-32 somehow. Had pie & 2 pieces cake in Odeon. Saw “lifeboat” & “Good Morning, Judge” 1st O.K.


11th (Thursday) - Afternoon Up & got ready for pass. Had drink in N.A.A.F.T. at 7 o’clock. Then walked easily to Otford Caught 20-32 Got home about 21-30.

12th (Friday) - On pass. Saw “Andy Hardy’s Blonde Trouble” at Empire (O.K.) & “Melody Inn” at Plaza (O.K.) with Camilla Man & Dad went in park.

13th (Saturday) – Afternoon. Saw Kay when coming back off pass Looked fine. Good to see her again.  Went to Swanley in evening. Was going to Day tennis but a thunderstorm. Saw “Melody Parade” & “Ghost Town Inn”


14th (Sunday)- Morning. Church Parade. Went out in afternoon Walked to Otford. Caught bus to Sevenoaks. Saw “Flight from Destiny” (T. Mitchell, J. Stephenson, G. Fitzgerald) & “Ladies’ Gave Excitement” Walked back from Boro’ Green!


15th (Monday) - Night. Went to Maidstone on van. Saw “Cat & the Canary” at Central & “The Hard Way” at Ritz. Both very good.

16th (Tuesday) - Night. Stayed in bed all day as felt tired previous day when I got up & on duty.

17th (Wednesday) - Night. Got up about 17-15. Missed 18-15 bus easily. Not hitch. Caught 18-49 bus. Saw “Here Comes Kelly” Did not stay to see “Spy Train” Back on 21-00 bus. Back to old job; suits me!


18th (Thursday) - Night. Up at 18-00 feeling sleepy for meeting of clan at 18-45. Went unwashed & unshaven! Back to bed but no sleep. Had bath & shave on to watch.


19th (Friday) - Night. Went to Swanley to see “Corregidor” & “My Son The Hero” pretty poor programme. Walked back from Otford.

20th (Saturday) - Night. Went on pass at 17-20. Got lift (50 mph) to Swanley. Des & I just missed 17-50 Len caught it. Home about 19-30.

21st (Sunday) - Home. Spent day quietly.

22nd (Monday) – Afternoon.  Got back hitching. Missed buss altho’ 3 mins to 11! O.K. tho’. Saw bus leaving Portobello. Denis could not get ticket to M. so went to Swanley. Programme rotten. Didn’t go in. Walked Nat’s Valley.


23rd (Tuesday) - Morning & Evening. Had lay-down in Afternoon as had not got to sleep till about 2 a.m previous night.

24th (Wednesday) - Afternoon. On guard duty. Lovely evening for it.

25th (Thursday) - Morning. Took out library book. Went to Maidstone. Saw “Best Foot Forward” & “Fraternally Yours”. So-so. Bussed to Wrotham. Went to canteen. Saw Johnny’s Margaret. Walked back.


26th (Friday) - Evening. Pay-parade. Got L 14-10-0! Don’t know why. Missed last pay-parade & credits given out this parade. Explained!

27th (Saturday) - Afternoon. On fire piquet. With Bob P. & Turner. Very hot.

28th (Sunday) - Morning. Left at 3 p.m. Walked to Otford. Very hot day. Got home nearly 5-30 p.m. Found Camilla had already gone back!

29th (Monday) - On pass. Spent day quietly at home Walked from Otford. Still hotter today!

30th (Tuesday) - Morning & Evening. Spent afternoon sunbathing! Had cold shower. Still felt hot. Perspiring after tea. Had rub-down Still hot!

31st (Wednesday) - Evening. Spent morning in bed. In afternoon cleaned buttons & boots cut fingernails & then took in laundry. Lay down in open with tea lied. Cooler.



1st (Thursday) - Afternoon. Very heavy this morning. Overslept like others on ‘D’. Renewed library book. Put in pass & request for ration-card. Spent evening quietly in camp. Late getting to sleep. Still cooler. Heavy.


2nd (Friday) - Morning & Evening.  Went out in afternoon. Phoned up Swanley Cinema. “So Ends Our Night”. On with “Going Spanish”. Lay in sun (then in shade) up on Nat’s Valley. Glorious.


3rd (Saturday) - Evening. Hut Orderly. Went to Sidcup Regal on 11.50 bus. “Guy Named Joe” & “Three Lous O’ Guys”. 1st OK. Bit of rush getting back No hitch. Bussed back. Row in hut over war w/ list.


4th (Sunday) - Afternoon. Took it easy this morning. More binding over lousy new watch list-found out this p.m. that it was official, _____ it! Got to be back by Midnight tomorrow!


5th (Monday) - On pass. Went up to see “Princess O’Rourke” at the Regal. O.K. Walked from Otford Pass wasn’t up till 12 o’clock Tues!

6th (Tuesday) - Night. Spent evening quietly in camp cleaning buttons boots etc!

7th (Wednesday) - Night. Went on pass at 5. Hitched to Halfway House Walked to Swanley. Caught 5-32 to Victoria. Saw “This Happy Breed”. Not bad.

8th (Thursday) - Evening. Back from pass. Walked from Otford. Too warm for walking really. Close.

9th (Friday) - Evening. Pay-day. Went to Swanley to see “Midshipman Easy” It was 2nd picture finishing 5-10! So came back; went to Nats Valley for while. CO got O.B.E. Collected boots.


10th (Saturday) - Afternoon. On guard. Changed with Rusty. Collected bike 8 & lamps.

11th (Sunday) - Afternoon. Church Parade. Wasn’t on it. Had bath instead. Went to Boro’ Greens Cinema in evening. “Bees in Paradise” was showing. I saw the last bit of it free. Walked back via Gamecock.


12th (Monday) - Morning. In afternoon, went to Maidstone with Rusty & Dex. Saw “Unknown Guest” & “Heavenly Body”. Not wonderful. Got back to camp before 8 p.m.!!! Went to Rec room with Bert.


13th (Tuesday) - Morning. Went to Sevenoaks, Got hitch to Wrotham Hah Then two officers gave me lift to CarPark about. Saw “The Desert Sound” & “Please Quiet Murder”. Not bad.


14th (Wednesday) - Night. Guard duties suspended. Went to Swanley with Bill Gray. Saw “Danger! Women at Work”. (OK) & “Submarine Blast” Got lift back in American food lorry.


15th (Thursday) - Night. Went on pass 16.45 Got lift at end of School lane. At Victoria by 6 p.m. Camilla. not there. Went to & from Piccadilly finally saw “Lady in the Dark.” OK. Home via train from Victoria Last No. 3 bus too early. B___ him!


16th (Friday) - Evening. Walked from Otford. Saw one of P__ planes at night (had heard them previous night without knowing it). Saw one blow up. Shot down by A.A.


17th (Saturday) - Evening. Had good lie in. Got up 12-15 Too late for pictures Hung around camp. Saw two P__Planes by day.

18th (Sunday) - Afternoon. Got up about 11. Went for walk with Bill Gray. He talked most generally on financial schemes. One or two very sound.

19th (Monday) - Afternoon. On fire-piquet. Got up in time to go N.A.A.F.T. & 11 o’clock. parade, then did hut-orderly In evening, cleaned up in general & sewed tabs on tunic & socks. Was on 4 to 7 shift. No sleep this night.


20th (Tuesday) - Morning. Went on duty at 8. Was let off at 9 as had had no sleep previous night (on fire piquet). Slept till 15.30. Bussed to Sidcup Regal Then Wrotham Canteen. Walked to Boro Green & Back to Kingsdown.


21st (Wednesday) - Morning. Went to Bromley. Got lift to Halfway Hous. Walked to dutch 14.32. Saw “Woman of the Town” & “Higher & Higher” at Odeon & “Henry’s Little Secret” at Gaupout. All OK. Walked back from Otford.


22nd (Thursday)- Night. Got up 15.15. Went to Sidcup & saw “the Halfway House” & “the Oklahoma Kid” (Regal.). OK.

23rd (Friday) - Night. “Diver” hit hutted camp. Huts 6 & 9 flattened; 8, 7 & ablution huts affected seriously. Shaken on duty. B. Grey injured. Few suffering from shock. Went up at dawn helped clean up mess Collected lot of kits. Slept in 0.3 got up 15-30 found we were to live in tent 8. Went on pass at 18-45 got lifts and caught 8.5 from Bromley


24th (Saturday) - On pass up to 5. when got home Friday found house had been affected by diver which fell 12 houses away. Mum, getting over flu, was shaken up. Seemed better next morning.  Caught bus at Swanley instead of walking from Otford.


25th (Sunday) - Evening

26th (Monday) - Evening.

27th (Tuesday) - Afternoone.

28th (Wednesday)- Had kit-inspection & got things made up—almost. Took down laundry. Watch system changed. Did not go on this p.m.

29th (Thursday) -Night.

30th (Friday) - Went to Sidcup. Saw “Gone With the Wind”. Not so dusty.


July 1944


1st (Saturday) - Night. Up 3-30. Went on pass just before 18-00. Home 19-30 approx. No more damage. More dropped locally however tonight.

2nd (Sunday) - Back by 5-30! Had tea & went out. Tried to hitch with Jim & Ken to Swanley

3rd (Monday) - Night. Off 5. Went to Maidstone at 2-15 p.m. Saw “Northern Pursuit” & “Swing Out the Blues” & “The Housekeeper’s Daughter.” Back by van.

4th (Tuesday) - Up about 11-00 Went with Bill & Bert Hulson to Bromley Saw “Chip Off the Old Block” & “The Impostor.” Hitched back

5th (Wednesday) - Night. No luck although we waited an hour. Bought some cherries & went for walk & rent. Then on.

9th (Sunday) - On fire- piquet! Pass deferred in consequence

11th (Tuesday) - Night. Went on pass at 18-00 Saw “Two Girls & a Sailor.” Jolly good. Then home late. Slept in shelter again.

12th (Wednesday) - Back from pass

15th (Saturday) - Night. Went on pass at 18.00 Waited 45 mins for hitch. Went straight home (20.30) All quiet at home. Had to sleep in shelter.

16th (Sunday) - Back from pass. Went to Boro’ Green but was too late tho’ I cycled. Advised to come back another day.

17th (Monday) - Night. Went to see “Her Jungle Lover” & “Tawney Pipit.” Had seen first (so-so) 2nd very good. Trained & bussed back O.K.

18th (Tuesday) - Afternoon. Q. Went to Swanley Corona to see “Mexican Spitfire’s Blessed Event” & “The Seventh Victim.” Good programme Hitched back at 21.50! Army lorry.


19th (Wednesday) - Night. Went to Boro’Green. Saw “Charge Of the Light Brigade” Had seen it! Pleasant little cinema.

20th (Thursday) - Afternoon. Up morning. Q. Was going to Village Hall to see “Jane Eyre” but cancelled at last moment Visited Bill Hughes in sick bay. He sprained his back lifting beds day before. Spent sometime in N.A.A.F.L.


21st (Friday) - Night. Up morning. Pay parade 13.00 Went to Maidstone with Alan B. Got lift to Ritz! He went to Granade I went to Sevenoaks by bus & saw “Larceny With Music” & end of “Andy Hardy’s Blonde Trouble”


22nd (Saturday) - Afternoon. Up morning. Q. Went to Corona Swanley. Saw “Prairie Law” & “The Lost Chord.” Poorish.

23rd (Sunday) - Night. Not strictly necessary. More convenient tho! Left on pass at 17-20. Caught bus at 17-32. Buffet shit. Went to Victoria Saw “The Great Moment.” Poor. Home about 10.


24th (Monday) - On pass. Back on 16-55 bus. By 17-30 OK. Stayed in camp & caught up partly on my reading

25th (Tuesday) -Night. Up for dinner. Went to Swanley Saw “Mr. Muggs Steps Out” & “Dawn On The Great Divide”. The went to Bromley & saw “Weekend Pass”. All good. Went on again. Stoner oiled.


26th (Wednesday) - Night. Off after dinner to Sevenoaks by bus. Saw “Bridge Of San Luis Rey”. Enjoyed it. Different! Took my time coming back.

27th (Thursday) - Off to Sevenoaks again after dinner this time to see “Fanny By Gaslight.” Was good film but something missing! Called in Wrotham canteen & walked back.


28th (Friday) - Went on in morning. In the afternoon, went with Bill & Bert to Maidstone. Saw “Ali Baba & the 40 Thieves” again.  Enjoyed it. Hitched there & back.  Got back early. Read magazines.


29th (Saturday) - Night. Went to Swanley. Saw “Unknown Guest” & “Harvest Melody”. Had seen first (OK) and 2nd (Just so-so)

30th (Sunday) - Afternoon. Stayed in in Cheavening. Quiet. Played Homsey with Tim & Winnie.

31st (Monday) - Night. Up about 3. Went on pass in line to catch 17-32 hrs. Caught 18-32 train In London 19-00 approx. Saw “the Canterville Ghost.” (so-so) Home Camilla there. Did not sleep well


August 1944


1st (Tuesday) - One fell about 120 yards away as we had all left shelters. Blew out first aid repairs only. Three more close by. Back off pass. Went to Boro’ Green No good. Walked back.


2nd (Wednesday) - Night. Caught 13-05 bus. Went to London. Saw “English Without Tears” (OK) & “Going My Way” (good). Came back on 8-18

3rd (Thursday) - Afternoon. Up after buzz bombs all night at noon. Stayed in during evening & read papers & magazines.

4th (Friday) - Up to London. Saw “Whistling in Brooklyn” (OK) & “Passage to Marseilles”. Went to Wrotham by rail. Canteen. Walked back.

5th (Saturday) - Went to Canterbury about 19-00. Not impressed favourably by Kent County School.

6th (Sunday) - Went to Church. Close to Cathedral. Went out again after dinner with Bill & Bert & Dizzy. Strolled around played snooker. Then went to pictures separately. I saw “Last of the Mohicans” (OK)


7th (Monday) - Afternoon.  Went on pass at 18-00. Got lift to place near Canterbury E. Caught 18-14 easily. Packed. Went Vic. Trained back to Herne Hill. Home 21-15


8th (Tuesday) - On pass. Went to West Dulwich. Found station closed due to “enemy action.”  Last train as result!  Went to Cannon Station.  Caught 4-45 from there. Fastest train. But late. Got back in taxi 18-35 for 18-00.


9th (Wednesday) - Morning.