Young German Woman’s Diary


          The following diary was written by a young, unknown German woman.  She wrote only for a few months and her life seemed removed from the War. Most probably she was well-to-do, and lived a highly social life, as is recorded in the pages that she kept.  Her record serves to show that, for some, during the early years, the War and its realities did not greatly touch the lives of the highest members of society.  Instead her feelings- her love affairs and her friendships, come to the fore in this diary.




My motto:

          Just be calm, everything will work out fine!




Yes, it went wrong, but who knows what good it might have caused. I was really depressed because my plans had failed. I was so looking forward to Blu and to the predicted changes. I don’t believe in Ms. Last anymore. Even though I did not really believe that Gelfes would visit, I was still wondering whether he would keep his promise. But we want to make up for it. Who knows what will happen?




-Podehlen’s birthday-

If I had felt better, it would have been much nicer. However, I still enjoyed everything. His wife fits him. In the past, he seemed more interested in “caviar,” and that’s fine with me. The **** was unusual. Things were going fine with the Mayor. He is a nice guy. I apologized because K and I escaped in a Catholic way [?]. If I had known that F’s wife would come, I would have stayed.




I went to the “Fro” with Willig and afterward to “Alten Waihe” to have dinner. Chicken with curry rice and red wine. Afterwards Uta-coffee. It was very good, but I was surprised by an alarm.  If I hadn’t been tipsy during the alarm, I would never have gone home.



I just went over to his house for 10 minutes.  Do I really like him? And does he like me?  If I think about it, I can see me being his wife.  In a way, I wanted to be his wife, and then we wouldn’t have it as hard as we did before.



”Fro. Lotte Werkmeister,” with Christel and some odd and foolish guy in the evening.  It was okay.  It appeared very boring for the men.  After “Fro. Lotte Werkmeister” had closed, we went to the “Uta” and right in front of me was Mr. Eberfen Sch. and at first I didn’t see him. His greeting was very cold, but I didn’t worry about it.  I didn’t argue with Werner what resulted in him leaving us.  Maybe it was my fault, but I spent the rest of the evening at home.



I’m amazed.  Mr. Elberton Sch. apologized for his cold greeting the other day.  He thought that I still felt uncomfortable being around.  But that was long ago. You could tell that he went often to the “Uta.”




This morning he walked out of “Waihe.” I really did not see him. The end of out “meeting” in the mornings is that we go to the “Uta” Saturdays.



It wasn’t very nice; a lot of people saw me- even my gracious cousin did.  Like a comrade, he brought me home.  On Wednesday we are meeting again.


1.     Advent

Tuesday was very festive.  Willig wanted to come over, but he is too shy.  I pasted his fairytale pictures in, and for that we are going to have coffee on Friday.



Went downtown with mom to buy shoes for her.  This evening Ms. M came over.  Mom and I were speechless.  Who does she think she is?



Today is “men’s day.” According to “Weiner intention” in the “Ratskeller,” they drink “morsel.” Because they had nothing good to eat, we went to the “Alten Waihe.” Had Sirloin and fried potatoes and celery.  It was good.  Since we couldn’t make up our minds, we scoured several bars and pubs. Finally, we went to “Plates Weinstuben.”  In “Zellers Scwarze Katz” and a cherry-brandy, we had a nice conversation.  The way home turned out to be as usual, with the usual interruptions. Should I have rather gone to Christie’s birthday???  Who knows???  As nice as the evening was, and as happy as I was, bad luck always catches up fast with you.  My umbrella, my nice, red umbrella, I left it laying somewhere.   It is gone and I will never see it again.  I feel more sorry than if I had ever lost a friend.  Umbrella, my little red umbrella, where are you?



We warmed up in the café “W” and then Willig and I went to look for a new umbrella.  We ate crab salad at the “Franzikaner.” Unfortunately, we had a few interruptions because of “Addi.”  Now it is over.



7:30 at the “Frankizaner.”  On our way to the “Fro.”  I guess he liked me and the others do too.  I met Weimborus.  Once again I wasn’t very nice to him, my little “Bruno.”   At the Plato I got drunk and did a little tango.



Christel Peters came over to have a cup of coffee.  What a surprise!



Me and Addi actually had a date.  But after that small and ugly lecture he gave me, I snuck off.




 Today I got three new umbrellas and a bag of “Frodel.”  Puhhh… that was exhausting with those ordinary people.



I imagined it would turn out really nice.  Christel, Ltu. Dietring, Bruno, and I went to the “Plato.”  By Christel being stubborn, I ended up having two orders of eel. Ltu. Dietring is just a wonderful person to hang out with.  I did not quite understand Christel.  Today, when we drank champagne, I realized that I truly love “B.” But how much longer can I hide it?  It would be like “Eberten,” then it would be a lot easier for me.


2.     Advent

How nice of him, going to “Diener in Pruder” with me, while I’m having my “fishtime.”  Today he dared come to the “Atk.”  Ltu. Lemke and the five of us were working hard.  As usual, Mrs. K and G had something to complain about.  But for me, “cement, west dam.”



Falschimumer” (wrong coin) and “Alte waihe” (old coin).  B is in the civil service duty.



I was at home.  “Elle Snautsh.”  Willig R must have noticed something.  He is acting strange.  I think my liking him was imagination.



I was at the “Fro” with Ltn. Dietring and B. came ½ hour late.  He looked good as usual.  I didn’t look too bad myself tonight.  I’m getting to like D more and more. Afterwards we went to “Tante Dollig.” She’s a really nice lady.  Unfortunately B. made me do a riddle.



[This is where the diary concludes.]