January 1, 1945
Another year and I wonder if as many changes will come on these pages in the next 5 years.  What a blessing we do not know what is in store for us.


January 2, 1945
Dad went to work yesterday as usual and I did likewise, washed.  The boys are not having a holiday.  Letters today from Robert and Jan.


January 3, 1945
Helped with Red Cross at the church today- Grand weather. Mrs. Thomas birthday.  Made salad and put beans to soak for L.H.C. tomorrow.


January 4, 1945

With the help of Mrs. Kreeger, Riley and Young.  Entertained the L.H.C. here. 23 present.  Nice day, nice crowd.  Mary ate over here.


January 5, 1945

Went back to bed this A.M. Baked a cake for the Nichols who arrived home.  Down town after the car license and at Carlson’s this evening.


January 6, 1945

Shopped for the dinner Mon. night- a hectic job.  Some things are scarce.  Having grand weather.  Called at Carlson’s last night.


January 7, 1945

E’s 56th birthday.  Went to church- communion. After dinner drove to La Mesa.  Grand weather. Went for a walk tonight.


January 8, 1945

Served dinner to 23 ministers and wives and 38 men. (2 shifts) Letter from Robert today also Mrs. Thayer.


January 9, 1945

So foggy – it’s wet as rain, but washed, etc. Shopping for meat, it’s quite a job.  Letter from Jr. – he may be transferred again.


January 10, 1945

Only 31 at dinner tonight.  Lots of food left but disposed of it.  Letters from Clifford and Donna at last. They are O.K.


January 11, 1945 

Up early and stayed up to make ice cream and cake and clean.  The Mary’s, (16) met here.




January 12, 1945

At the W.S.C.S. executive board luncheon at Mrs. Nichols. Grand Weather.  Letter from Jr. – he may be transferred again.  Letter from Mrs. Brady.


January 13, 1945

Letters from Donna and Dorothy.  Also received a Melfort Moon yesterday.  Letter from Van Dylein- answered in the negative.


January 14, 1945

Went to church.  After dinner took the two Mrs. Carlsons for a ride to La Mesa etc. Then went to the “Shot from the Sky”.  Show at Civic Center.


January 15, 1945

Cloudy- but washed.  Letters from Carolina and Bob.  Kept busy all day.  Walked to the P.O. with some Enterprises for Bob.


January 16, 1945

A little shower this morning about 4:15.   Ironed.  Wrote several letters.


January 17, 1945

Dinner at the church tonight- only about 33.  Lt. McCellan and Edith were here a short while.  Got a sore tooth.


January 18, 1945
Answered the phone for Mrs. Thom this P.M.- she is in L.A Cool Weather.


January 19, 1945

Baked Louis Park’s birthday cake.  Met E. down town at 3’ O clock, had dinner at the Chicken Pie.  Shopeed and saw, “Hollywood Canteen”. Home at 7: 15.


January 20, 1945

Tooth still sore-lazy today.  Went shopping and called Jack and Pappy.


January 21, 1945

Raining steady most all day.  Went to church.  Have a headache  Really cool.


January 22, 1945

Washed and shopped.  Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Nealy came before I got started to wash and was late.


January 23, 1945

Ironed and then at the church all day.  About 60 tonight.


January 24, 1945

Played lazy.  Went back to bed and then Mrs. Spence came.  We drove out to Spring Valley to look at lands!  Ham and eggs tonight!

January 25, 1945

Had my hair fixed and then went to W.S.C.S at the church as a guest!


January 26, 1945

Met dad down town after work and he picked out a suit.


January 27, 1945

Helped prepare the dinner for the service men tomorrow.  Made 16 pies.  Letter from Clifford – he’s back in Saw F.  Received Roberts new address.


January 28, 1945

Went to church- stayed and helped with the dinner- then E. and I went out east to look at some more acres.  Stopped at Carlson’s for coffee.


January 29, 1945

Did a big washing.  Went to North Park and got my shoes.  Edith called this P.M. Two Mrs. Carlsons here this evening and the two Marys (A and P).


January 30, 1945

Finished a big ironing at 6:15 a.m. Shopped for tomorrow’s dinner.  Betty Milne lost twin girls yesterday.  Cloudy but no rain-a dry month and cool.


January 31, 1945

38 at Wed. night dinner.  The last letter I wrote Bud came back today.


February 1, 1945
Went to Leisure Hour Club at Miss Hyland’s.  Rainy and raining all day.


February 2, 1945

Cleaned the house and hunted meat for the Men’s Dinner Mon. night.


February 3, 1945

Went down town but it rained so didn’t stay long.


February 4, 1945

Went to church.  Had strawberries out of the garden today.  Betty and Charles Houston came to see us this P.M.


February 5, 1945

Asbury Men met tonight. Served 50.  Baked ham!


February 6, 1945

Washed and shopped for Wed. dinner.  Spuds are scarce, so is meat.  Went to board meeting.



February 7, 1945

At the church kitchen all day.  Red Cross and 45 at dinner tonight.  Home at 8:30.  Brought home an electric sewing machine.


February 8, 1945

Mary Circle met at Mrs. Jones’s.  I had the program- Malay and Burns. Made two aprons.


February 9, 1945

Went to North Park and down town.  Found some material for pajamas and a house coat.  Warm day.


February 10, 1945

Finished another apron and a dress and went to the main P.O. for a parcel from Jr. and to La Canada for glowers and shopped for the Boy Scout dinner.


February 11, 1945

Went to church and found Rex Carlson Askeroth here when we get home.  Ate dinner at the church and stayed till 8 P.M. Grand day.


February 12, 1945

Scouts’ Annual Bean Dinner.  Prepared for 90.  Came home at 5 p.m. and went to Ruth Circle this evening.


February 13, 1945

Felt terrible all day, headache.  But washed- not much else.  Sid Petric killed in Europe.


February 14, 1945

Ironed and another dinner at the church-served 45.   Came home at noon and baked Clifford an angel food.


February 15, 1945

Pieced a quilt for Red Cross.  Letter I wrote Lt. Sheider Nov. 10 returned.  Carlsons over this evening.


February 16, 1945

Cleaned the house and worked on another quilt.  Down to Halvorson’s this p.m. Wire from Jan- Dot’s dad very ill.  Letter from government- no news.


February 17, 1945

Sewed- cut out a house coat.  Went shopping- not much meat.  Over to the church tonight to a meeting. Warm today.


February 18, 1945

To church and this p.m. to see Judy Canova in Sis Hopkins.  Real cool tonight.



February 19, 1945

Rained this morning so wrote letters and sewed till it cleared.  Finished my house coat- Letter from Robert.


February 20, 1945

Headache from 2 a.m.  Ironed. Shopped for two dinners and went over to see Mrs. Roberts.  Dad picked a big pint of strawberries.


February 21, 1945

At the church all day- Red Cross and the usual dinner.  Real warm.  Bright sun and I lost my glasses.  Letter from Jr. - Still no orders.


February 22, 1945

Worked on the bean dinner most of the day.  Went to Hillcrest after cookies.


February 23, 1945

The young folks’ Bean dinner Worked all day – and I am tired! Dad picked the berries again.


February 24, 1945

Tired and lame today.  Beans are heavy to handle.  Had shortcake tonight.  Really good.


February 25, 1945

Carved the meat for the servicemen’s dinner – went to church and this p.m. to the Fairmont to see My Pal, Wolf, and Princess and the Pirate.


February 26, 1945

Washed and washed curtains and the living room walls.  Ate out.


February 27, 1945

Ironed and finished cleaning the dining room.  Rained a little.  Bought a lb. of bacon- first for months.


February 28, 1945

Rained all night.  Cleaned the bathroom, hall, and bedroom.  Went to a surprise luncheon on Olive Graham and F. McCracken.  Mrs. C and I went calling.  E overtime 2 hours.


February 29, 1945
Not this year.


March 1, 1945

Went to L.H.C. at Mrs. Earnest’s. Several ill.  E. worked overtime two hrs again today.


March 2, 1945
Rained some more.  But went down town and got my with holding receipt from the school board.  Letters from Donna and Alice C.

March 3, 1945

Shopped most all day for refreshments for young folks tonight and tomorrow night and men’s dinner Monday.  Rained.


March 4, 1945

Rained hard off and on.  Went to church.  Made lemon fluff for young folks and went to a show at the Vista (Wild and Woolly).


March 5, 1945

I think it rained all night.  It has rained a lot today.  Got dinner for Asbury men tonight.  My arm is getting worse.  Mrs. Campbell came in to help me.


March 6, 1945

Washed.  Feel terrible, my head aches and arm aches.  Went shopping for dinner tomorrow.  Went to the bank- first time in 2 weeks.


March 7, 1945

Red Cross and dinner tonight.  No more dinners till my arm is better.


March 8, 1945

Marys met at the church today.  Letter from Clifford.


March 9, 1945

Cleaned the house and not much else.  My arm feels badly.  Rev. Stewart here over night.


March 10, 1945

At Mrs. Lund’s three hours for a treatment.  Home and locked out, so called on Mrs. Morgan.  Alice Carlson and family here when I got home. Don’t feel so good.


March 11, 1945

Made ice cream for the church dinner.  Didn’t go to church.  After dinner, went for a ride.


March 12, 1945

Carlsons went down town and I washed- a big one.  Nice day.


March 13, 1945

Carlsons left this morning and I ironed most all day.  Ate at the café.  Tired of cooking.


March 14, 1945

Finished piecing two Red Cross quilts.  Took some clothes to the cleaners.  Letters from Jan and Mrs. Thayer and Rev C. and B. Houston.


March 15, 1945

Rained again.  Y.M.C.A. banquet tonight at the church.  I helped a little.  Rained until 3 P.M. and then cleared up.  Letter from Eileen.


March 16, 1945


March 15, 1945

Rained again.  Y.M.C.A. banquet tonight at the church.  I helped a little.  Rained until 3 P.M. and then cleared up.  Letter from Eileen.


March 16, 1945

Washed the company bedding and 19 tablecloths used at the banquet last night.  Cool.  Card from Alice.


March 17, 1945

Another treatment at Mrs. Lund’s.  Rained again.  Got the tablecloths all ironed and shopped for the young folk’s lunch and Mon. night dinner.


March 18, 1945

Went to church- the 1000th member joined Asbury.  Down town this p.m. and rode the ferry.  Lots of ships in. 


March 19, 1945

Dinner for ministers and wives tonight at the church.

March 20, 1945

Washed.  Nice day.  No turkey scarce but went out and found plenty.  Frank Watenpaugh called here.


March 21, 1945

Ironed.  Edith and I gathered up groceries for the banquet and drove out to Lemon Grove for oranges.  Rained!


March 22, 1945

Finished shopping and made the salad, etc.  Mrs. Thayer and Mitchell stuffed the turkeys.


March 23, 1945

Marys served banquet to Pythians.  Cleared $105.03 and lots of compliments.  Windy and rainy.


March 24, 1945

Had my hair fixed.  Dad sick with a cold.


March 25, 1945

Went to church.  Rode down town this p.m.


March 26, 1945

Rained this a.m. but cleared about 9 and I washed. Went down town alone to see “A Song to Remember”. Wally is wounded, so is Art Gross.


March 27, 1945

Ironed.  Took the clean tablecloths etc over to the church and put up clean curtains over there.  Jack and Poppy called.  Jim is missing.


March 28, 1945

Went back to bed this a.m. walking this p.m. Shopping- trying to find some toilet paper.


March 29, 1945

Wrote several letters.  Down Univ. and back.  Went to communion service tonight.


March 30, 1945

Gave the house a good cleaning.  Went to church- Good Friday.  Letters from Jan and Caroline.


March 31, 1945

Made 3 batches of doughnuts.  Shopping etc.  Took lilies ( 5ft tall) to the church.  Rec’d lovely purse and gloves from Clifford.  Perfect day.


April 1, 1945

Easter .  Went to church at 9 a.m.  The chair came over here between services for coffee and doughnuts.  Show this p.m. and cantata this evening.  Rainy all p.m.


April 2, 1945

Served dinner o Asbury men.


April 3, 1945

Washed.  Went down town and called on Halvorson’s.  Edith’s birthday.


April 4, 1945

Prepared dinner for a committee of eight.  Came over here to eat.  Ironed this a.m. and baked an angel food for Edith’s birthday which was yesterday.


April 5, 1945

The baby is 23 today.  Clifford starts his 7th year in U.S.N., Bud has been missing 6 months and a letter from Bob says he is on a transport.  Helped the Ruths lunch for 125 W.S.C.s.


April 6, 1945

Went down town for state income tax blanks.  Got aster and petunia plants which E. set out tonight.  Letters from Clifford and Aunt Zoa.


April 7, 1945

Perfect  summer day.  Had a permanent.  E. got two bowls of berries tonight.- about 2 ½ qts.



April 8, 1945

Went to church alone.  Dad has a bad cold.  Went to see Fighting Lady and Sunday Dinner for a soldier.  Cooler tonight.


April 9, 1945

Weather really changed.  Cold and rainy and windy.  Washed.  Clifford Dorothy and Mrs. S. called tonight.  They announced their engagement tonight.


April 10, 1945

Ironed.  Went down town and found out I can get a reservation next Wed. –so dad says I am going to the wedding.


April 11, 1945

Clifford called tonight but I didn’t find out much about the wedding. Dad got his priority today.  Radio quit.


April 12, 1945

Accomplished much today.  Got a building permit, my ticket to San F. The radio fixed and went to Mary Meeting.  Roosevelt died.


April 13, 1945

Found a hat.  Called on Edith- a long walk.  Dad and I got a load of sand and hauled a load of dirt to the dump.


April 14, 1945

Shopped for refreshments for Sat. and Sun. nights and Mon. night dinner.  Edith and I drove out for oranges and meat and to call on Mrs. Campbell.  Dad hauled dirt.


April 15, 1945

Dad put in forms for the bedroom and I went to church.  Grand day.  About 5 went for a street car ride and a walk.


April 16, 1945

Washed and got dinner for ministers and wives.  Dad put in the concrete tonight.  Letters from Donna and Clifford.


April 17, 1945

Ironed, baked, shopped, etc, everything to get ready to leave in the morning.  Packed lilies tonight to take with me.


April 18, 1945

Left on the street car at 6 a.m.  Bust at T. arrived in San. F. a little after 10 a.m.  Good trip if it hadn’t been for the headache  Clifford met me and I met the Schillers.




April 19, 1945

At Schillers.  Fine folks.  Clifford came tonight and we all went to rehearsal.  I had dinner at Dave Houston.  The gifts are piling up.


April 20, 1945

Clifford and Dorothy were married tonight at the Chapel of the Flowers.  A beautiful wedding and a lovely couple.  A fine new daughter.  I went home with Fields.


April 21, 1945

At Field’s.  Visited.  Went down town, to the school house etc.  Fields and I went over to Bob’s tonight.


April 22, 1945

Went to church with Joyce.  Glen Fay came and all the Frenches met at Leo’s new home for dinner tonight.  14 of us, including Florence and Wallace Markle.


April 23, 1945

At Fields.  Joyce and Marjory getting ready to leave for Min. in the morning.  Took them to Richmond to stay with Florence tonight.


April 24, 1945

Rode down to Schillers with Leo when he went to work.  Clifford and Dorothy returned from Carmel and they took me to the station to start home at 6:35.


April 25, 1945

Home at 9:45.  Not too tired.  Picked peas and strawberries (4 qts.). 5 letters from Bob.  Don’t know where he is.  On a transport 45 days.   Conference at San. F. begins today.


April 26, 1945

Washed after I got up which wasn’t early.  Planted some more garden  Dad busy carpentering.  Wrote to Bob and Sgt. Tititan at Oakland.


April 27, 1945

Ironed.  Bought a dozen towels for Martha and hemmed them.


April 28, 1945

Shopped.  Mailed towels to Martha and sent Bob the toothpicks he asked for.  Wrote letters.  I’m still tired, so is dad.


April 29, 1945

Dad worked all day on the plastering and wiring.  I went to church.


April 30, 1945

Back on schedule. Washed.  Rec’d word Bud had been awarded.  Army Bronze Star for what he did June 19, 1944.  Wish we could hear from Bud instead.


May 1, 1945

Ironed.  Went down to see Jack and Poppy and the new baby.  Found them fine.  Have the bedroom about ready for the plasterer.


May 2, 1945

Not much Red Cross.  Cleaned up plaster.  Went down to main P.O. for package from Dorothy .  2 Pairs of lovely hose and a slip.


May 3, 1945

W.S.C.S. at the church.  Took Mrs. Philips as my quest.  The plasterers arrived tonight with their equipment.


May 4, 1945

L.H.C. May breakfast at the church.  A Wonderful birthday, thanks to L.H.C., the Marys, the family and the neighbors.  The plasterers were here. 


May 5, 1945

The plasterers finished this a.m.  Edith and I went out to El Cajon for meat.


May 6, 1945

Went to church.  This p.m. went to see the show, Thunderhead.  Tonight went to hear Chaplain Brewster, returned from Jap. prison.


May  7, 1945

Prepared dinner for 93 m3n and Boy Scouts- Miscount and only 67 came.  Edith and Mary helped me.  The Germans surrendered last night.


May 8, 1945

V-E day.  But they are not through and now we want to hear from Bud.  Washed.  Mrs. Phillips helped me clean up the plaster.


May 9, 1945

Ironed.  Enameled the woodwork in the new bedroom and painted the floor.  Dad worked on the outside.


May 10, 1945

Went to Mary Circle- some more birthday.  Before dinner, dad finished the outside and I gave the floor the 2nd coat.  Shopped with Ruth S.


May 11, 1945

Over at the church from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.  Mother and Daughter banquet tonight.  Served 160 plus 10 waiters and 4 women.  Tired!


May 12, 1945

Dorothy will be here Mon. night so washed the banquet tablecloths etc.  Shopped for a dresser- found one at the 9th store.  Moved furniture into the new room.

May 13, 1945

Mother’s Day. Lots of remembrance from my children and friends.  Had dinner at the church.  Staff served.  Heard H. High Choir tonight.  Over to Chula Vista to see S. Smith’s this p.m.


May 14, 1945

Ironed, washed and ironed again.  Someone swiped dad’s best glad last night.  Dorothy came down from Berkeley tonight,  I almost missed her.


May 15, 1945

Thought Clifford might come tonight but he didn’t.  2 letters from Bob, he wants me to get him a watch (expedite).


May 16, 1945

Dorothy and I took clothes to the cleaners (Thurs. 17, not today) and mailed the watch- had quite a walk.  The ship came in and Clifford came home.


 May 17, 1945

Dad washed and polished the car.  Dorothy’s cousin and wife came to dinner.  Pretty warm.


May 18, 1945

Dorothy and I went down town for lunch and looking around.  D. and C. had dinner with her uncle down town.


May 19, 1945

D’s grandpa Hawkins died- telegram this p.m. Clifford came earlier, D met him down town.  Fried a chicken for dinner tonight.




 May 17, 1945

Dad washed and polished the car.  Dorothy’s cousin and wife came to dinner.  Pretty warm.


May 18, 1945

Dorothy and I went down town for lunch and looking around.  D. and C. had dinner with her uncle down town.


May 19, 1945

D’s grandpa Hawkins died- telegram this p.m. Clifford came earlier, D met him down town.  Fried a chicken for dinner tonight.





May 20, 1945

Clifford left at 4:30 and D. left on the 7:30 bust for Berkley.  E and I went to the church at 8 a.m. and made ice cream.  Went to church.  Stayed to dinner, mission beach too.  Carlsons over.


May 21, 1945

Washed etc. (Then shopping- shoes and girdle- boy am I tired tonight.  Mistake 22nd)

 Mrs. Earnest has moved in with Lala.


May 22, 1945

Ironed etc. Shopping etc.  Dorothy came at 10: 45 p.m. I went down and met her.  Clifford came at 12:25- left at 4:30 a.m.  Dad says Grand Central Station.  Had a flat tire

on the trailer.


May 23, 1945

Had a few in to lunch and meet Dorothy.  Mrs. Nichols, Campbell, Secor, Sage, McCracken, Milm and Bell.  Over to Carlson’s tonight.  Dorothy and Myrtle went to the show.


May 24, 1945

Didn’t do much and ate leftovers.


May 25, 1945

Dorothy and I went out to El Cajon with Mrs. Nichols for meat.  I went to Hillerest for cookies for Mrs. Marshall to use at the banquet tonight.


May 26, 1945

Washed and ironed most all day.  Real warm.  Went to see “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” at North Park tonight.


May 27, 1945

Went to church and after dinner and a snooze went for a ride.  La Mesa etc.  Clifford came - didn’t expect him till Tues.


May 28, 1945

Ironed church tablecloths etc.  Went shopping for food.  Clifford came about 6.  He and Dorothy called on Jack and Poppy.


May 29, 1945

Clifford left at 4 a.m.  Dad a little later.  What hours!  Express came- swing machine and cooking utensils.  Mr. Spence’s funeral.


May 30, 1945

Dad’s first week day off ( other than Christmas) in 42 months.  He worked in the yard and I washed.


May 31, 1945

Dad back to work.  I ironed etc.  Shopped for dinner tomorrow night.


June 1, 1945

S.S. Juniors dinner tonight 77 in the dining room.  Clifford came home and was sick all night.  More sick ones on the ship.


June 2, 1945

Dorothy was auntie at 2:30 a.m.  June had a baby son.  Wish I would get a good message next.  Also Donna’s birthday.  More shopping. Rolls tonight.  Robert Henry Irman Blanks, the new boy.


June 3, 1945

Went to church alone.  Dinner, then went after oranges.  Then made Lemon Fluff for service center.  Dorothy sick and I don’t feel so hot myself.


June 4, 1945

Asbury men and their wives tonight- served 103 plus kitchen folks.  Edith and Mary and dad helped.  We were all tired. Dorothy stayed in bed.


June 5, 1945

Had a big washing and did some cleaning.  Kept at it most all day.


June 6, 1945

Ironed.  Telegram from Donna- she started last night.  I’ve went down town shopping and to the chicken pie shop.


June 7, 1945

Dorothy and I went to L.H.C. at Mrs. Roberts.  Telegram from Donna- she’s delayed in Salt Lake City.  Clifford came, at last.  Out 5 days.


June 8, 1945

Didn’t do much but give the house an extra good cleaning and look for Donna.  Clifford came tonight.


June 9, 1945

Shopped. Help Mrs. N. with the Sunday dinner and at 3:45 p.m. Donna came- so tired- on the way since Tues. evening.  Clifford came.


June 10, 1945

Dorothy up at 4 a.m. to get breakfast.  Ha! Ha!  We went to church, stayed to dinner and with Carlsons.  Went to the beach at La Jolla.


June 11, 1945

Washed.  Donna unpacked and pressed, wrote letters and we talked.  Watched the ballgame at Central tonight.

June 12, 1945

Up and after dad left, ironed, wrote letters, etc. before the girls woke.


June 13, 1945

We three went to lunch at M. Nichol’s- surprise on Frances Mc. Clifford came.


June 14, 1945

We went to Mary Circle at Mrs. Happer’s.  Clifford came again.  Met Margaret Wells at the poultry market.  What a surprise.


June 15, 1945

The girls went calling at Hotel Coronado and H. San Diego- a chief and family came home to dinner with them.  Warm day.


June 16, 1945

Clifford took the girls out to dinner and dancing tonight.  Dad and I went for a walk.


June 17, 1945

Dad, Donna and I went to church and then to look at a ranch at Winter Gardens.  Dorothy stayed home and Clifford came at 3 p.m.


June 18, 1945

What a washing!  Went to the funeral of Mrs. Angier and Trook’s mother at 3 p.m. Called at Halvorsons afterward.


June 19, 1945

Ironed 4 hrs. and with Edith as chauffeur went to Tijuana Big time.  The girls saw a lot.  Home.  Tired.


June 20, 1945

Odd jobs all day.  Violet arrived and I called her up.


June 21, 1945

Daisy and Violet called.  Stood in line an hour at the Poultry market.  Saw Margaret again.


June 22, 1945

Daisy, Violet, Donna, Dorothy, Edith and I went to Tijuana again. Violet got a thrill alright.


June 23, 1945

Called on “Cracky” to say goodbye.  Went shopping, etc.


June 24, 1945
Went to Rancho Halvorson for a grand dinner and visit.  Missed church.


June 25, 1945

Five a.m. instead of 4 – a welcome change.  Had a big washing.  Ida and Corky came but Clifford didn’t.  Sewed some.

June 26, 1945

Ironed all forenoon.  Donna and friends down town.  The girls found an apartment.  Came back to dinner and we took them down.  Also C and Dorothy’s baggage.


June 27, 1945

Dad left for work, then Donna, Clifford, Dorothy and I took the street car to the depot.  C. left by ship for San F. and D. by train and D and I came home alone.  We cleaned and sewed.


June 28, 1945

The girls looked for work and I sewed and shopped for tomorrow’s dinner and then Violet, Donna, dad and I went to Rosicrans for Bud’s Bronze star.  Also called at Jacks and found his mother there.


June 29, 1945

Worked at the church all day.  Donna helped me, Edith came at 6.  Served 47 plus 4 in the kitchen.  Donna went down to stay with the girls.


June 30, 1945

Called at Jeppesen’s this a.m. and this p.m. Poppy, Ann and Mrs. J. came and stayed to dinner.  Donna got a job at Bank of Am. And Ida and Corky at the P.O. Donna moved.


July 1, 1945

The girls came up and went to church with us and stayed to dinner at the church- (3 sailors). Dad and I over to Coronado this p.m. Not a good walker.


July 2, 1945

Washed and made myself a dress.   Lovely weather.  Letter from Clifford.  He is having 10 days leave.


July 3, 1945

Ironed.  Went down town.  Called on Donna.  Letters from Dorothy and Jan.  They are together at Al’s.  Mr. K. very ill.


July 4, 1945

Dad bad, the day off and finished the wardrobe and I gave it a coat of paint.  Very quiet day.


July 5, 1945

L.H.C. picnic at Mrs. White’s at El Cajon.  Warm day.  I made a gallon of ice cream for it.  Donna came tonight.  Letter from Bob.  Made more ice cream.


July 6, 1945

Shopped for meals to be served at church next week.  Went to reception for the Nichols family tonight.


July 7, 1945

More shopping – quite a job.  Miss Lloyd came to stay here during Laboratory School.  Washed, ironed and mended next week’s clothes.


July 8, 1945

The girls came up and went to church with me.  After dinner drove to Lemon Grove for oranges.  Warm day.  Telegram from Jan.  Dorothy’s father died yesterday.


July 9, 1945

A busy week ahead.  Laboratory School opens and runs 5 days.  Am serving 3 meals a day.  Had 4 breakfast, 37 lunch and 12 dinner.  Letter from Dorothy- Charles Houston is missing.


July 10, 1945

Busy.  Edith helps me at noon- her mother is very ill.   Donna and dad at night.  Nice crowd.


July 11, 1945

Eat again today.


July 12, 1945

Ditto today.


July 13, 1945

Friday 13th.  Made 4 trips home for forgotten articles.  Finished tonight.  4 ate dinner here.  Donna came.  Not too tired.


July 14, 1945

Three ladies at breakfast.  Had my hair fixed.  Ate lunch out and not doing much.  Been warm all week.


July 15, 1945

Canned a lug of apricots early.  Donna and Corky came up and went to church with us.  Looked at 2 ½ A. this p.m. ( a joke).


July 16, 1945

Had a big washing.  Donna came, went to W. Circle and stayed all night here.  Dad and I took Mrs. Fulton’s jars home this evening (6:30 to 9).  Some ride.


July 17, 1945

An ironing to match yesterday’s wash.  Called at Halvorson’s but no one at home.


July 18, 1945

Canned lug of apricots Halvorsons brought Sunday.


July 19, 1945

Cleaned the house thoroughly.  Called on Margaret W. tonight but found no one at home.  Sent Les and Ruby calla bulbs.


July 20, 1945

E and I went down and had desert with Donna, Ida, and Corky.  I went down town today, called at Halvorson’s.


July 21, 1945

Got refreshments ready for young folks Sunday night and cooked a chicken for our dinner tomorrow.


July 22, 1945

Donna and Ida came up for church and stayed to dinner.  We all called at Cooper’s to see their garden.


July 23, 1945

A small washing for a change.  Went after paint and painted half the spare bedroom floor.


July 24, 1945

Ironed.  Had my hair cut and permanent.  Warm day.  Letter from Jan.  Dad got a striped watermelon!  Ate too much.


July 25, 1945

Finished painting the bedroom floor and thoroughly cleaned the kitchen floor.  Dad waxed it after he came home.


July 26, 1945

Edith’s mother died in her sleep this morning.  Didn’t expect to but found crepe for a nightgown and material for drapes and made them.


July 27, 1945

Got lunch for vacation teachers at Asbury. Donna came this p.m. and Albert Fay arrived.  Carlsons came over tonight.


July 28, 1945

Albert here.  He’s sick from something he ate on the train.  Shopped for ourselves and refreshments for tonight and tomorrow night at the church.  Bob’s watch came.


July 29, 1945

Went to church.  Emmert and Albert rode the ferry this p.m. while I made lemon fluff for the church and got dinner.  Eris and Douglas came to eat.  C. and D. called.  He is transferred to Wash. D.C.


July 30, 1945

Washed as usual.  Down town for a wedding gift and called on Donna.  Drove out to Lemon Grove tonight.  C. and D. called again.  They bought a car and are coming here.


July 31, 1945

Went to Eris and Douglas’s wedding at St. Anne’s church at 7:30 a.m.  The Holts came to call on Albert at 11:30.  He was too sick to go to the wedding.  Hot weather.  Ironed.  Robert is 26 today.  Mrs. McCarty’s funeral at 2 p.m.  Rained some.


August 1, 1945

So tired last night that I am not much good today but kept on as usual.  Having some hot days.  Eating lots of beans and tomatoes.


August 2, 1945

Violet came and we went to W.S.C.S. picnic at Treais’s .  She stayed to dinner and I went as far at North Park with her.

August 3, 1945

Albert feels better this a.m. and started for home.  Donna came after work to stay over night.


August 4, 1945

Clifford and Dorothy came at 12:30 a.m.  Drove down in their Chev.  C. and Dad started work on it at 4:30 p.m.  Carlsons came over and we had Bob’s steak dinner.  It’s hot.  Donna came.  Letter from Richard Harris concerning Bud.


August 5, 1945

Dad and Clifford worked on the car before and after church.  We all went to church.  C. and D. took Donna home.


August 6, 1945

Up and at the washing.  Got Mrs. McCarty’s electric iron for the kids.  Dinner at 4:30.  Dad and Donna came and C and D left soon afterwards.  Dad and I are so tired.


August 7, 1945

Couldn’t sleep last night.  Big ironing and got the guest room ready for the next one.  Not doing much.


August 8, 1945

It’s hot.  Cleaned part of the house well.  Went shopping.


August 9, 1945

Did some more cleaning and went to the Mary picnic at Virginia W. at La Mesa.  Donna came tonight.  Hot and I’m tired.


August 10, 1945

Canned beet pickles and catsup.


August 11, 1945

Baked rolls etc. E and I went out to Rancho Halvorson.  The first night E. spent away from home since we came to Calif.  Card from C. and D.


August 12, 1945

Home tonight after a grand time at Alpine.  Lots of eats and talk. News came of peace with Japan and later changed.


August 13, 1945
Washed etc.  Mrs. Nichols called and later Nick.


August 14, 1945

Not feeling so good but ironed.  Still warm weather.  At 4 p.m.  it was announced the Japs had surrendered.  Many celebrated.  Mrs. Thom’s daughter in law and grandson were drowned.


August 15, 1945
Went to a luncheon at Frances Mc’s in honor of Mrs. Sage’s mother.  E. had the day off, hauled fertilizer etc.  Donna came, she had the day off.


August 16, 1945

E. has today off too.  We went down town this p.m. and Donna took us to the show tonight and came home with us.  E. bought a new hat.


August 17, 1945

 Dad back to work.  Letters from Bob and Jan and card from Clifford.  Bob having trouble with his eyes and Jan had the hives.  Terrible hot today and the hottest in Calif. might so far.


August 18, 1945

Unusual weather.  Rained all day, a record for Aug. since 1873.  Dad on 40 hr. week so had today off.  We got caught in the rain on Adams Ave.  Gas rationing off and today filled the tank.


August 19, 1945

The girls came and went to church with us, after dinner drove to Vista Carlsbad (Sam Smith’s) and back to S.D.


August 20, 1945

Washed etc.  Dad expected to be laid off any day.  Letter from Bob, he is having trouble with his eyes.  Also finished radio school.



August 21, 1945

Ironed and had my hair fixed.  Over to Carlson’s tonight.


August 22, 1945

Letter from Dorothy.  They reached Wash. O.K.  They were with Jan when the surrender news came.


August 23, 1945

After the work was done, went down town to see the “Doll’s House”.


August 24, 1945

Dad was finally laid off today.  He wasn’t sorry for he stayed the length of the war.  On the job every day since Nov. 18, 1941.


August 25, 1945

Dad helped one of his Convair friends fix his car.  Both went shopping.  Donna, Halvorsons and Violet came to dinner. T-bones.


August 26, 1945

Went to church.  Not much excitement.  Went to the zoo, big crowd there.  Home in time to hear Beulah at 5.


August 27, 1945

Washed and to the Fox this p.m. to see Anchors Aweigh.  Letters from Bob, Clifford and Jr.  Nick called, want a custodian.


August 28, 1945

Ironed and tonight saw “Here Comes the Waves” at the Vista.


August 29, 1945

Dad remodeled the fruit shelves and painted them, also finished painting the north and of the annex and trellis.  I helped.  Carlsons over.


August 30, 1945

Dad is building a linen closet and changing the door in the hall.


August 31, 1945

Dad worked at the linen closet.  We went over to Pt. Loma to see the girls.  Had a fine dinner and visit.  They are so happy in their apt.


September 1, 1945

This would be fall back in Minn. But it’s the hottest time of the year here.  About 80º today.




September 2, 1945

Baked 7 choc. Pies (for church young folks) and a peach pie for ourselves, then went to church and church again tonight.  And its hot!


September 3, 1945

Washed.  Dad finished the linen closet.  Hot again today.


September 4, 1945

Ironed.  This p.m. went down and made 3 trips on the ferry.  90º an all time high.  Letter from Mrs. Lilienthal.


September 5, 1945

Still hot.  Not doing much.  Wrote some letters.


September 6, 1945

Went to La Mesa to L.H.C. at Mrs. Mason’s.  A lovely day.  A letter from Richard Harris, also letters from Joyce and Mrs. Jackson.


September 7, 1945

Took the rugs out and curtains and thoroughly cleaned the living and dinning room.  Real warm.  Donna and the girls called on their way to Tijuana.  Letters from Bob, Jr. and Dave H.  They heard from Charles.

September 8, 1945

Dad and I drove to Ramona and Julian and back by Cuyumaca.  Rained hard!  Not so warm.  Drove 118 miles.  Letter from C’s Dorothy.


September 9, 1945

Church and took the street car to Pt. Loma this p.m. Hot!  An airmail sp. del. letter from Lt. Schneider’s wife this p.m.


September 10, 1945

Washed.  Dad started work on the garage.  Cement foundation and floor.  It’s hot again today.  Booklet on 4th Car. Came


September 11, 1945

Ironed.  Went to seminar at Asbury and lunch at E.S.D. Pres. church.  Helped dad some.  Terrible hot.


September 12, 1945

Letter from Dorothy (C) announcing an event in Feb.  The garage has changed to the Rumpus room.  Helped dad lift the garage.


September 13, 1945

Cooler (a little). Went to circle meeting at Mrs. Miller’s.  Shopped for dinner tomorrow night.  Donna came for dinner, has a bad cold.

September 14, 1945

Served dinner to 21 of the Policy committee tonight.  Back on the job again.


September 15, 1945

E. becomes custodian of Asbury today.


September 16, 1945

E. on the job at Asbury.  Made choc. Ice cream this p.m. for the young folks.  Went for a short ride.  Church twice today.  Aaron Cole spoke tonight.


September 17, 1945

Served 44 ministers and wives tonight.  Edith and Mary helped.  Another letter from Mrs. Schneider today, also one from Aunt Zoa.


September 18, 1945

Had a big washing.  E and D went down town.  Donna home with a cold today.


September 19, 1945

Ironed.  Shopped.  E. got a load of cement for foundation.  I tried to help but no good.  Mrs. Carlson came and took my shovel.  Mrs. and Lois came to dinner.


September 20, 1945

E. and I went to see “Christmas in Conn.” at the Broadway this p.m. and had dinner at the Chicken Pie Shop.  Cooler weather.  Had my hair set.


September 21, 1945

Went down to North Park for cookies etc.  E. working on his garage foundation.


September 22, 1945

Just busy all morning.  Went to Mrs. Esther Thom and Billy’s funeral this p.m.  Mrs. Campbell brought me home.


September 23, 1945

Donna came and went to church with us and stayed to dinner.   Mrs. Stevens and Doug arrived yesterday at Mary’s, en route to Honolulu.


September 24, 1945

Washed.  Dad working at the church.  Over to Carlson’s tonight.


September 25, 1945

Ironed.  Headache.  Called on Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Owings (who wasn’t home) and Poppy.


September 26, 1945

Down to Mrs. Owings’ this a.m.  E got 2 ¾ yds. of ready mixed cement at 12:30 and had a busy p.m.  No stopping at that job but the floor’s in.


September 27, 1945

Bud’s 28th birthday.


September 28, 1945

Gave the house a good cleaning.  It’s hot.


September 29, 1945

Mixed sherbet for young folks Sunday evening lunch and went after cookies.  Wedding tonight at the church.


September 30, 1945

Church and cleaned in a hurry for Beverly Montgomery’s wedding.  We are invited.  Another hot day.  Made sherbet for young folks.  Hot!


October 1, 1945

Washed, etc.  Letter from Jr. Fires bad in the mountains and very hot.


October 2, 1945

Ironed .  Fires and heat ditto yesterday.


October 3, 1945

At the church much of the day.  Red Cross.  Dr. Macller’s birthday.  Mad him a cake.  Baked rolls and shopped for W.S.C.S. luncheon tomorrow.


October 4, 1945

Prepared luncheon given by Doreas circle.  Headachy and tired. Cooled off about noon.  Grand feeling.


October 5, 1945

Cleaned, etc at home and rested a little.


October 6, 1945

Dad works at the church forenoons and afternoons works on the garage.  Painting etc, built a new work bench and cupboard.


October 7, 1945

Church and after dinner helped dad at the church and then we went down and rode the ferry one trip.


October 8, 1945

Washed and cleaned our bedroom.  Went to Hillcrest for cookies.  At 10 invited to a party for Mrs. Sage but didn’t go.




October 9, 1945

Ironed and cleaned the house. Mrs. Moore hostess for a White House demonstration here this p.m.


October 10, 1945

At the church all day.  Served 70 or more at S.S. dinner tonight. Carlsons were over and Edith helped.


October 11, 1945

Letter from Bud’s C.O. (last Oct ) sent by Mrs. Schneider.  He has been gone all this time.  Told Donna this p.m.  Took Carlsons to Morena. 


October 12, 1945

Official notice from War Dept. this morning.  Donna came out and spent the day.  She is a good soldier.


October 13, 1945

Did usual housework and kept busy.


October 14, 1945

Donna came out and went to church with us and stayed to dinner.  She feels badly as we all do. Wrote to the boys.


October 15, 1945

Washed and shopped for dinner tomorrow night.  Went to Morens Lake for Carlsons and tonight.  Met with Iveslyans at Donna’s.


October 16, 1945

Got dinner for Men’s Club.  Served 38.  Edith helped me.


October 17, 1945

Ironed and we drove to Cuyamaca for meat and shopped.  Roasted meat and peeled potatoes for crowd tomorrow night.


October 18, 1945

Served 115 at church tonight.  Tired.  Too much confusion in the kitchen.  Edith, Donna, Mrs. Secor and Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Loux helped.


October 19, 1945

Cleaned.  Tired but went down town.  Donna had lunch with us and E and I saw the West Virginia.  Dorothy didn’t get to Purdue as planned.


October 20, 1945

Letters from Jr. and Violet carrying sympathy.



October 21, 1945

Church.  Donna had company and couldn’t come out.  After work this p.m. went down to Civic Center and saw three ships come in.


October 22, 1945

Washed.  Went to National City and got Valentine and Gem strawberry plants.  Dad set out 200 altogether.  Letter from Clifford and B.


October 23, 1945

Get up with a headache but ironed.  Letters from Clifford and Dorothy yesterday.


October 24, 1945

E. painted the trellis.  Called on Mrs. Morgan but no one home.


October 25, 1945

E. working on a new gate.  Over to Carlson’s tonight.  Called on Mrs. Brown.


October 26, 1945

Cleaned the house.  This p.m. down to Civic Center to see the U.S.S. San Diego come in.  E. finished the gate and painted it.


October 27, 1945

Down town at 8 a.m.  Navy Day.  Visited the W. Virginia and Cowpens and watched the parade.  Am I tired!  Letter from Sam S, moved again.


October 28, 1945

Church.  Helped dad after dinner and then rested.  Ate doughnuts at the church tonight.


October 29, 1945

Washed.  Letters from Jr. Violet, Louise and 2 from Bob.  Mrs. Morgan called.  Cut out 2 pr. Pajamas for E.


October 30, 1945

Ironed, etc.   Made a pair and ½ of pajamas and then headache.  Planted beets and onions.


October 31, 1945

E and I moped Sill’s Hall and 2 classrooms, took 4 hours.  Some job.  Both tired.


November 1, 1945

Went to W.S.C.S. till 12:30 then to L.H.C. at Mrs. Morgan’s daughter’s.  Donna came and stayed all night.


November 2, 1945

Waxed Sill’s Hall.  Dad did most all.  Went down town and got a knitting book.  Cleaned the house.


November 3, 1945

Went shopping etc.  Letters from Eileen and Libby.  Very war 90º.


November 4, 1945

Donna and Ida came out for church and stayed to dinner.  Grand weather.  Ate watermelon in the back yard.


November 5, 1945

Washed.  Windy.


November 6, 1945

Ironed.  Went down town and looked for a knitting book, not much luck.  Started a sweater.


November 7, 1945

Went to Red Cross today.  E. and Hope ate over there too.  Had papers to fill out this a.m. concerning insurance.


November 8, 1945

Went down to North Park for patterns, came back and went to Mary circle at Mrs. Brown’s.  Cooler today.


November 9, 1945

Got up sneezing and nose running.  Cleaned the house.  Letter from Clifford and also kimonos, crocheted around them once.


November 10, 1945

Went down town for roses for the plaque , and yarn and crochet cotton which I couldn’t find.  Wedding tonight at the church, Virginia Leftwich.  Bed at 11.


November 11, 1945

Church.  Mrs. Thom ate dinner with us.  Just rested after finishing work at the church.


November 12, 1945

Washed.  Etc.  Went over to Donna’s this p.m. and had dinner with her.  Dad took her an electric pad.


November 13, 1945

Ironed.  Letters from Clifford and Jr. and Martha Schiller.


November 14, 1945

Letter from the bank.  They cashed a gov’t check $720 which was not dated or signed.


November 15, 1945

Went down town to see the Colorada.  A big old ship but going good yet.  Couldn’t find anything I went after, spent 10 ¢.  Called at Halvorson’s.


November 16, 1945

2 Letters from Bob.  He was leaving Japan Nov. 7 for U.S.A.


November 17, 1945

Shopped for lunch tomorrow night, Mon. night, and Tues. night.  Bud’s picture came from P.R. and I took it down to Walker’s to have it copied.


November 18, 1945

Church.  Donna came over.  After work at church dad and I drove out to Lemon Grove.  Over to help with lunch tonight.


November 19, 1945

Didn’t wash.  Diner for W.S. Guild tonight (22).  Out to Cuyamaca for meat this a.m.  Dorothy leaves Wash. For Berkeley by plane.


November 20, 1945

Dinner for Asbury Men tonight (44).  Mr. Carlson ate with dad and Mrs. C. and Edith helped me.


November 21, 1945

Washed .  Went to Mrs.  Fulton’s funeral.


November 22, 1945

Thanksgiving.  Dad and I alone.  Had chicken for dinner.  After a nap went down and rode the ferry once.  Lots of ships.  Mrs. Carlson here all night.


November 23, 1945

Cleaned the house.  Stamped a small quilt and worked on it.


November 24, 1945

Shopped and worked on the little quilt.  Bud’s insurance ($1000) from Ft. Worth came.


November 25, 1945

There was a push at the door, bell at 4 a.m. and Bob was home.  He looks fine and a little older and browner.  Carlson’s to coffee.  Donna was over.  Had a flat.


November 26, 1945

Robert left for Ft. Mac Arthur at 4 a.m. (Floyd’s car) and I went back to bed.  Washed, a lot of G.I. clothes extra.  Bad headache, too much excitement yesterday.  Letters from Clifford, Aunt Zoa, and a volume from Dot. K.


November 27, 1945

Ironed.  Luncheon at the church for the map committee.  Five plus E., Hope and I.  Headache getting better.


November 28, 1945

Down town a while and then met with Mrs.  Earnest and Mrs. Kreegar at 2 p.m.


November 29, 1945

Robert came again last night.  Mr. Bob, civilian.  He and dad went down town and Bob got a new civilian outfit.


November 30, 1945

Bob worked on the car most all day.  Went shopping for turkey for Mon. night.


December 1, 1945

Shopping etc.  Rob dressed up and took Donna out for the evening.  The Purple Heart came.


December 2, 1945

Church.  Donna ate duck dinner with us.  We drove out to La Mesa.  Bob eating dinner with Jimmy and the girls.


December 3, 1945

Prepared dinner for Wesleyan Service Guild, served 27 ( had 34 reservations), plus Hope, Donna and the Jansens.


December 4, 1945

Washed and other things and down to shop a little.  Have a pain in my stomach.  Shopped for meals at the church.  Mr. and Mrs. McKush and Donna to dinner.



December 5, 1945

At church most of the day, preparing for tomorrow’s luncheon.  Fixed 2 turkeys for creaming.


December 6, 1945

Marys served W.S.C.S. luncheon 127 plus Marys.  Terrible headache and pain in my stomach.  Perhaps a touch of flu.


December 7, 1945

Marys served L.H.C. luncheon, 32.  We had dinner at Jack Jeppesen’s tonight.  I’m tired but feeling better.


December 8, 1945

Washed and cleaned and shopped for something to eat.


December 9, 1945

Church.  Bob and Donna gave me a corsage.  Dad and I went window shopping down town after the church work was done.


December 10, 1945

Ironed 20 church tablecloths plus.  Went down town shopping after lunch.  Out 29th Anniversary.  Bob got dinner.  Dorothy S. and Mrs. Benton called.


December 11, 1945

Prepared lunch for 12 ministers plus 5 more.  Bob left for L.A.


December 12, 1945

Washed again.  E. and I went shopping in North Park.  Wrapped packages tonight.  Cool.


December 13, 1945

Ironed.  Dad mailed the parcel.  Went to Mary Christmas party at Mrs. Spencer.


December 14, 1945

Served dinner to the Homebuilders, 48 reservations.  Telegram from Jr. asking for notarized marriage certificate.  Dad went down town.


December 15, 1945

Lots of cleaning, etc.  Big wedding and reception at the church 8 tonight, 12 o’clock when we got home.  Adalene, Rose and Wm. Mays .  Corky and Jimmy married.


December 16, 1945

Church and more cleaning and then a  nap.  Christmas music tonight.  Donna moved in with us and She and Bob announced their engagement.


December 17, 1945

Washed.  Bob went to the bank.  Wedding tonight at the church.  Very pretty.  Ironed church tablecloths and baked ham.


December 18, 1945

Finished ironing and served dinner to Asbury men and ladies.  79 guests and 10 Girl Scouts and 4 in kitchen.  Jr. expects to be out by Christmas.


December 19, 1945

Robert started work at Bank of America, 40th and El Cajon.  I am tired today.  Carlsons over tonight.


December 20, 1945

Bought a turkey for Christmas.  16 plus.  Miss Yates died last night.  Bob and Donna went to Christmas dinner at the bank.


December 21, 1945

Went shopping in North Park.


December 22, 1945

Started to rain last night.  Rained all night and all day.  Washed but left the clothes in water.  Tired and have a headache.


December 23, 1945

Still raining.  Church this a.m. and headache all day.  Couldn’t go to church tonight.  Sun came out and 1 p.m. and hung up the wash.


December 24, 1945

Hung the wash up again and finally it got dry enough to iron.  Stuffed the turkey.  Santa came after dinner and was good to all of us.


December 25, 1945

Christmas.  Bob and Donna, Jack Poppy and Ann here all day.  Took a ride this p.m.


December 26, 1945

Went down town with Bob’s discharge.  Ate more turkey.  Washed again and the clothes got dry.


December 27, 1945

Ironed.  Called on Mrs. Cooper.  Carlson over this p.m.  Parcels from Jr. and D. and Joneses.


December 28, 1945

Pee-Wee arrived to visit Mary.  Spent the p.m. here.  Letter from Clifford and drawings.


December 29, 1945

Foggy all day.  Letter from Dorothy S.  After lunch dad and I went down to Civic Center, watched the ships and walked up town.  Bob got dinner.


December 30, 1945

Church.  Turkey dinner for young folks at church.  We all stayed I helped some.  Picture “The Great Commandment” tonight.


December 31, 1945

Washed and ironed plus a few other things.  Wedding at church tonight, then watch night, program lunch and communion.  Home 2:30.  Mary and Buzz married at Zuma.