The Diary of Cecil Alton Montgomery

USS Murray DD 576

United States Navy




Nov. 24- Arrived at Mare Island, California for repair and overhaul.  Ship’s company was granted leave for twenty days.




Jan. 4, 1945- all hands returned from Leave and prepared ship for getting underway.




Jan.5 – Underway at 06:00 for ammunition depot. 7:00 commenced loading ammunition, depth charges, and stores.


Jan.6 – At 06:00 we got underway for Hunters Points near San Francisco. Heavy fog closed in, and we dropped anchor until 16:00. Finally arrived at Hunter Point at 18:00.


Jan. 7 – Underway at 12:30 for degaussing range. Arrived there and degaussed ship. Dropped anchor near OaklandSan FranciscoBay Bridge.


Jan. 8 – Underway for speed run – made 39.5 knots and went back to Mare Island.


Jan. 9 – Underway for Radar Tracking – Tracked all day and returned to Mare Island.


Jan. 10- Tied-up at Pier 16 at Mare Island.


Jan. 11- Underway for Hunter’s Point- Arrived there and tested radios until 14:00. Went under Golden Gate Bridge at 15:15 bound for San Diego.


Jan. 20- Captain’s Inspection- At 16:30 got underway for Pearl Harbor with three destroyers & two battery wagons.


Jan. 21-25- At sea- rough sea & nothing happening-


Jan. 26- At 07:30- arrived & entered Pearl Harbor and tied-up at the destroyer Base-


Jan. 27- Refueled ship and took on more ammunition & stores-


Jan. 28- Tied-up in Pearl Harbor


Jan. 29- Underway at 06:44 with 5 carriers, 1 heavy battle cruiser, and 7 destroyers.  Our destination is on an island named Ulithi which is one hundred miles Northwest of Japan.  Here we will join Task Force ‘58’ of the Fifth Fleet.


Jan. 30- At sea-


Jan. 31- At sea which is damn rough- Two carrier planes crashed- no survivors.


Feb. 1- Sea is still rough but was able to hold pay-day. Refueled ship from carrier but fuel-line broke- rescued two men which fell off carrier.  We also crossed the International date line and lost one day.


Feb. 3- Attempted to refuel ship again but broke our fuel line- We are now north of the Marshall Islands and 1800 hundred mile from our destination -


Feb. 4-6- at sea – nothing happening


Feb. 7 – Entered Ulithi atoll at 1300.  Refueled ship & took aboard more ammunition – anchored at berth 134 –


Feb. 8 – anchored as before –


Feb. 9 – today, we striped ship for action and moved to a north anchorage.  Expect to get underway tomorrow.


Feb. 10 – Underway at 930 with 5 carriers, 4 cruisers, 2 battlewagons, and 16 destroyers.  We intend to strike Tokyo, Kobe & Nagoya in Japan.  We expect to be on the coast of Japan for three or four days.  Purpose; to give Japs hell in general.  At 1800 picked-up Pilot & gunner from plane crash.  We are in task force 58-3.1.


Feb. 11 – holding battle drills.  Transferred pilot & gunner to a battlewagon.  A plane crashed at 1830. Met another force which we joined.


Feb. 12 – Refueled ship from a battlewagon.  We are now proceeding north – D – day is 16th.


Feb. 13 – Steaming north – expect an attack from the air any time – No contact with the enemy so far – we are about three hundred miles from Iwo Jima – was able to refuel all ships today.  Plane crashed this morning – there is 5 forces altogether in T.B.S. Range, and will operate together.  We are 950 miles from Tokyo now, and will start speed run tomorrow night.  The weather is becoming cooler.


Feb. 14 – proceeding northward at 18 knots Gyro off 005°. Nothing happening as yet.  Received foil-weather happening as today.  It is getting colder and the sea is very rough. Anything may happen now!


Feb 15- Refueled ship at 07:00- All hands were cautioned to keep eyes and ears opened.


Feb 16- Went to General Quarters at 06:00- First flight took off. Here is where and when I wished I were home. We are now 80 miles from Japan and 100 miles from Tokyo.  The Tokyo radio went off the air at 08:25 in the middle of Tokyo Roses’ broadcast.  First wave of planes is hitting now and the Japs are getting all kinds of Hell!  We sent 4800 planes over Tokyo, Kobe and Nogayo and had few losses. General Quarters sounded at 11:30 with enemy planes reported off port beam.  Our fighter planes knocked out some of the planes and repelled an attack on the ship forces.  One enemy plane made a very beautiful picture when it burst into flames and crashed in the sea.  Secured from G.Q. but returned in short order as enemy planes reported on starboard bow.  Ryain our fighters knocked them out.  Our planes later on- landed but some stragglers came back at 22:00 and were lost at see because of darkness.


Feb 17- Still a float and still in doubt how long our luck will hold out.  Sent five waves of planes.  Sea is rough and ceiling very low.  Our first wave was almost wiped-out by heavy storm.  Several of our planes returned, but had to land in sea as they were shot-up pretty bad!  Our losses today were heavy but the Japs took a worse beating - We will refuel ship in the morning- “Where do we go from here boys - Where do we go from here?”


Feb 18- Morning G.Q.- Our planes and ships sank three Jap patrol boats.  One of our ships was damaged.  Refueled ship.  Our fighter plane shot down 2 enemy planes. We are just inside the China Sea going Southwest but will go east at 24.00.


Feb. 19- Laying off ninety five miles from Iwo Jima by Japan.  We have been refueling ship and taking on ammunition and bombs.  Received mail but didn’t get any.  Expect to return to Japan in about four days by the way of East China Sea at southern tip of Japan.


Feb. 20 - Steaming just northwest of the Volcaino Islands. Our planes was in support over the islands today.  At 18:20 received orders to search for sub. aft of formation.  We are proceeding according to orders.


Feb. 21- Laying off Iwo-Jima.  Went to General Quarters about 17:30 with several large groups of boogies on our scene.  A consisting force over the horizon from us was attacked by Jap planes.


Feb. 22- Went to general Quarters around 09:30, a Jap-bomber attacked one of our ships.


Feb. 23- Fueled ship-Had guard-mail duty. One of our forces was attacked and a destroyer was hit and damaged by suicide ‘crash-dive’ Jap plane.  At 18:30 we are proceeding Northwest destination. Nagasaki Naval Yard in Japan proper.  This is on the Southwest tip of Japan in East China Sea about 250 miles from Shanghai.


Feb. 24- Fueled ship and are now twelve miles on left flank of formation by ourselves as picket patrol.


Feb. 25- Out alone still-14:00 went in search of one of our Pilots forced at sea.  Search unsuccessful. At 22:30 General Quarters sounded with Jap Jugger 1400 yard off our Port bow.  It was also loaded with diesel oil which later proved to be a nice fire.  ‘Hunting is improving’- Weather is very cold and water is damn rough.


Our ship has been damaged in several places.  We were very near to Tokyo (60 miles) and managed to get about 1500 planes over target, but ceiling was very low.  We are steaming South by South West- our targets for tomorrow are - Nagoya, Kobe, and Nagasaki.


Feb. 26 – Hit Nagoya Kobe and Nagasaki.  Matter of routine, nothing unusual happened.


Feb. 27 – Met tankers and refueled and took aboard stores.


Feb. 28 – Refueled ship again and received mail from a destroyer.  We ate again.  Picket ship way out ahead of our formation.  Believe to be heading for Formosa.


March 1 – Fueled ship.  Received war correspondent from one ship and transferred him to another.  Today we hit Okinawa Jima in the Ryukyu shoto.


Damage to the enemy: Sank two Jap destroyers and damaged 1, another damaged two 20,000 ton merchant ships.  Destroyed a number of Jap aircraft and damaged air fields and also damaged Jap Naval Base.  Will get more report tomorrow.  Some ships were ordered to bombard tonight, so yet we don’t know which ones will have the job.


March 2-13- Entered Ulithi and went alongside a tender.  We were attached by Jap Suicide planes which one crashed a carrier and another hit the beach.  We went to general quarters several times.  Left port at 16:00 will meet main force tomorrow.  Destination unknown.


March 14- Joining forces and are proceeding to the Northwest. 


March 15- Joined task force 58, still proceeding to Northwest.  Expect excitement on this trip.


March 16- Fueled ship- Our destination is- Kyushi and Shikoku.  Tomorrow we’ll form scounting force.


March 17- Fueled ship - At 06:00 we left regular formation with two more destroyers.  At 09:00 found us in the left tank of scouting line which is 45 to 50 miles ahead of main force. There are eighteen destroyers running in trio’s at ten miles apart.  It is 20:25 and all is well, but don’t know how long this quietness will last.  We will attack tomorrow at sunrise and we shall be about sixty miles off the Jap coast-


March 18- Went to General Quarters at 04:50 by the light of Jap aircraft flares in a complete circle around us. Opened fire on Jap plane directly overhead but missed - Opened fire at another plane but missed again.  Secured from G. Q. for breakfast.  General Quarters sounded again at 09:00 as Jap plane was hit and crashed off our starboard beam.

18:30- steaming course at 135 at 19 knots we are 38 miles off Jap coastline - General Quarters sounded several times during the night - several enemy planes we knocked down.  Some of our ships were damaged and one of our carriers was damaged pretty badly by a 500lb. bomb.


March 19- Morning G. Q. at 05:17 Jap plane still chopping flares which are overhead.  Opened fire on a Jap torpedo plane but missed - We are now 21 miles off Japan.  Several contacts ‘surface’ ahead - Challenged sub but was friendly.  At 10:00 we were 18 miles from Japan - we decided we were too close so we changed course and are moving out.


March 20- Morning G. Q. several boggies - G.Q. at 11:00 bombs dropping all around us.  Enemy high-level bombers came in at 27, 000 ft.  Suicide plane crashed into one of our destroyers - Secured from General Quarters at 12:00. General Quarters again at 15:40 with an enemy dive-bomber attack on our carriers.  Second plane attacked same carrier - scored a bomb hit forward of bridge.  Five now burning on carrier.  Planes continued to come out of the sun and dropped bombs and torpedo but no hits.  Near miss on one of our ships.  Murray shot down Jap plane; we also received shrapnel on our main deck. Secured from G.Q. for chow.  General Quarters again at 12:39 Jap torpedo and plane sighted coming in low over water.  No hits - no runs - no errors.  We opened fire at a range of 12000 yards.  Jap flares continued to fall until 22:45 - Secured from G.Q. at 23:00.


March 21- Morning General Quarters secured and refueled ship.  G.Q. at 10:00 contacted boogies at 22 miles; also passed enemies mines.  Secured from G.Q. for chow.  G.Q. sounded again at 11:45 as Jap - dive-bomber coming at 20 miles.  Jap twin-engine bomber came out of sun and made a run on a carrier - dropping bombs as it passed over.  Anti-aircraft score hit on plane causing it to flame - it attempted to crash dive one of our destroyers but failed.  The past five days have been really busy ones.  Our entire force suffered 251 dead and a number missing.  Burial services were held at 12:45 and 15:00.  Our colors were lowered at half-mast.  Our group has shot down fourteen planes altogether; we exploded five mines; picked up several pilots including some Jap Pilots.  All ships in our force has taken near-misses and plenty of shrapnel.  Murray now has 7 planes, one ship and damage to subs for her credit.


March 22- Refueled ship today and joined our original formation.  We will again hit Okinawa Jima. Underway for our objective now.  At 16:30 General Quarters sounded as enemy plane closed-in at 16000 yards, but was knocked down by our fighter planes.  We have just finished with our scouting duty and are now screening the main took force.   At 17:30 G.Q. sounded again with boogies all around us.  Did not come in.


March 23- Morning General Quarters sounded at 05:30 - secured for breakfast an hour later.  We received orders to screen for the battlewagon as they will bombard the beach of Okinawa this morning.  At 08:30 battlewagons commenced firing on the beach with 16 projectiles.  The enemy shore batteries opened up on us but the range was too great causing the shells to fall short.  A few boogies - but did not attack us.


March 24- Morning G.Q. - carrier air craft gave Japs-pounding.  Nothing new happening.


March 25- Morning G. Q. - Refueled ship.  News report stated Jap task-force with reinforcements was sunk in an attempt to land on Okinawa today by our carrier aircraft


March 25- Joined oilers and supply ships today.  Received stores and refueled ship.  Underway again destination unknown.


March 27- Routine morning General Quarters - secured at 06:45 with several large groups of boogies closing in - (we are attacking Okinawa again).  Received orders to take position twelve miles on the left flank of our formation with one other destroyer serving as picket ship.  Arrived at position as ordered and spotted Jap dive-bomber overhead.  Plane passed out to our range and attacked a carrier in the main formation.  Second plane came in and made dive-bombing on destroyer picked near us, releasing bomb scoring a near-miss.  Third and final plane came in out of a black cloud on our starboard.


…it’s target.   Jap torpedo plane came in low and fast.  We managed to fire enough rounds at it to cause it to crash on our Portside.  In fact I believe a couple of jo-potts were thrown in.  We opened fire too late!  The plane dropped its torpedo at 100 yards distance striking our ship above the waterline - passing on through a forward compartment and exploding as it went out the port side.  Shrapnel riddled gun #1 and #2 included a large section of port side of ship.  One man was killed and six badly injured.  The wounded were late and transferred to a carrier for medical attention.  We took on a large amount of water before holes were welded - so far the ship is still floating.  Our speed is 2 knots.  At 14:00 secured from G.Q. and held burial services for the dead.  Received orders to proceed with task group 58.2 going S.E. to meet tankers.  Haven’t the slightest idea where we will go for repairs.  We now have eight Jap planes to our credit.


March 28- Morning General quarters and secured an hour later.  We are now with task group 58.2- joined them last night.  Met tankers at 7:30.  Traveled course S.E. all day while other ships refueled.  We refueled our ship and are now proceeding with one damaged carrier, one destroyer and two destroyer escorts acting as our escort.  Our sound gear is out so they are our protection against subs.  Received storm warning today.  A storm won’t help this ship out anyway!


March 29- Underway for some port repairs.  Taking on water up toward and have formed a bucket brigade.  Typhoon reported 850 miles from us, but we are in back of it.  The water is rough with waves 20 feet high and pounding the forward part of our ship.


March 30- No mishaps as yet - Ocean very rough!  We expect to be in a safe port in two days.


March 31- still underway - Water is calmer and we can breathe a sigh of relief -


April1- Easter today and also April fools day - Entered port of Ulithi at 08:30 and tied up alongside another destroyer.


April 2 - 4 Shifted anchorages twice - Expect to go to Pearl Harbor for repairs - Refueled ship today at 10:30 and I received orders for getting underway for Pearl Harbor


April 5 - 7 Set special at 09:00 as we entered Eniwetok Harbor in the Marshall Islands.  Refueled ship and took off again for Pearl Harbor at speed 22 knots -


April 8 - 9 At sea - crossed International date line and gained a day.  We were lucky in missing out on surface engagement between the Japs and us on the 6th.


April 10- At sea.  All’s well.


April 11- Entered Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Islands - Boy! Civilization.


April 12- Went into Dry Dock to have repairs for damage done.  Authorities examining the fragments of the object which hit us discovered it to be a 1100 lbs. Bomb and not a torpedo - We shaped two horse shoes out of fragments and placed them where the bomb entered and left ship.


April 13 - 16 Ship in dry docks - I left today for four day rest and recreation at Camp Andrews on other side of Oahu, Island.


April 20 - Returned from rest-camp and now to settle down to some hard work.  Received news via radio that President Roosevelt died.


April - 21 to May 5 - In dry dock.


May - 6 Left dry dock- ship has been repaired and is now prepared to seek out the enemy and destroy them.  I’ll guess I’ll get some more needed actions.


May 7 to 27 – In and out of Pearl Harbor for training of student officers for firing of guns H.H. and beach bombardment.  Also we fired out torpedoes in exercise runs for training.  Lots of work.


May 27 to June 3- In and out of Pearl Harbor for training purposes - Paul came aboard two days ago.


June 3 to 9 – Same routine as before.


June 9 – Out today firing exercise torpedo runs.  One torpedo being accidentally fired while tubes were trained in, went completely through #2 stack. The fish pinned a torpedo man against #1 torpedo tubes causing slight injury.  We are now having our stack repaired at Pearl Harbor.


June 10 to 11 – Tied up in Pearl Harbor stripped ship for action.  Refueled and took aboard stores and ammunition.  Expect to get underway tomorrow for the battle zone.


June 12 - Underway at 10:40 – We are headed for Siapan to join our old task-group 58.  On the way we will bombard an island in the Marshall’s called Jaluit.  About 2000 Japs are reported there with some gun-emplacements.


June 13 to 17 - At sea holding battle drills.  Will arrive at our objective tomorrow.  Refueled ship today.


June 18 – At the island Jaluit – will commence bombarding at 10:00.  Marine pilots strafed and dive-bombed the island.  We have a battle-wagon and another destroyer with us.  Japs opened up with their shore-batteries and we heard five shells whistle over our heads secured from G.P. a + e. on our way to Saipan.


June 19 -20 On our way bound for Saipan – Sea calm, weather very rough.  Nothing happening.


June 21- Today at 10:00 word received via - radio that a cargo ship (American) was torpedoed by enemy sub.  We are fifteen miles from scene of action but cannot go in search of sub because of escorting battle wagon.


June 22. Underway at sea. Today at 12:45 we got a good sub contact, but sub got away after we sounded depth-charge alarm.


June 23- Enter and Anchored in Saipan Harbor - Received mail.  Refueled ship.  Movies-


June 24- Anchored as before-


June 25- Took aboard ammunition and stores and got underway for Einwetok in the Marshall’s


June 26- At sea bound for Einewetok – Held drills -


June 27 to July 2 - Anchored in harbor of Einewetok - At 24:00 we received special orders for getting underway.  Special sea-details was set and ship got underway to refuel at 7:30.  We took aboard two Naval intelligent officers.  What we are to do is a mystery.


July 3- Today we got the straight “dope”.  We are bound for Wake Island to intercept a Jap Hospital Ship to see what it contains and what it is doing out near Wake Island.  Thirty special men were picked to board the ship and they were given instructions in handling small - arms, and what to do in case the ship proves hostile.


July 4- We will overtake ship this evening around 18:40.  Ship was sighted at 17:35.  I was challenged

and to receive boarding party.  It was a large ship (converted liner).  The ship was examined and told to proceed on its way.  After it leaves Wake, we will board it again.


July 5- We will go aboard again at 10:00 to what the ship picked up at Wake Island.  Ship proved to be okay and so we are now heading back to Einewetok.  During the time - we encountered no trouble.


(The following is copies of messages received from the enemy ship to our ship the Murray)  (Visual code)


July 4    

Name of ship is TAKASAGO MARU


Captain agrees with inspection of his ship=


Destination of ship is Wake Island


There are one hundred-fifty nine in crew & one hundred-Eighty nine in Medical personnel. 


Tubes have been removed from Radio transmitter.

Captain says he is observing Radio silence.


Ship left Muroran on Hokaido in the Empire - June 27.


Captain states medical personnel are Navy.  All others except boat crews & radio are civilians.


(Our executive officers’ signal)

“Boring isn’t it?” White.


Captain states before being stopped he planned to stop one or two hrs. at Wake depending on whether X does not know how many patients he was to pick up.




Investigation of superstructures finished, now starting in forward holes.


Estimate inspection about one-third complete.

Estimate another hour or two at the most.  Meeting at most cooperation.  Four stripe Medical officer is in command name of Kakisaka X Merchant skipper appears to be Navigator N. this trip - saw our plane this morning and saw one of our subs the 28th or 29th.


Inspection completed X no evidence of any violations X will leave in about ten minutes after making entry in log and warning captain (Jap) about radio silence.


Thank Captain for his cooperation.

Tell him he may proceed when our boats are clear - advise me when you get back.

Are boats (ours) still lying off (ans.)

         Your - Affirmative


Entry completed leaving now whale boat will follow later.


Whale-boat is returning now (ques.)

Is all party clear ship (ans.)



July 5-

Second versa is same as first.


Destination is Yokosuka - Japan


No Americans or Allies aboard


Nine-hundred and sixty patients aboard.


Four-hundred Ninety X Navy Four-hundred and eighty-four- Army nine Malnutrition X Fourteen wounded.


You have a red light showing in Gun #1


Inspection about three-quarters completed - only questions will be about the Malnutrition patients which the doctor stated are all qualified patients.  More details on that in a moment.  Doctor estimates 1050 patients X ten to fifteen % T.B. X Fourteen wounded X remainder Malnutrition.


Least severe Malnutrition barely able to move X Estimates 15 or 20% of total patients will not survive voyage Doctor states all are hospital patients 25% of Malnutrition patients will be on their feet in a month.


Stores situation satisfactory so far – if it continues that way – shall I direct ship to proceed

…orders for getting…join our task-group…fuled ship and left Guam… We have with us one large carrier, one heavy cruiser, and three destroyers.  We have mail for all ships in the task force.  Our job is to deliver the mail and then join our own squadron in task-force 38.1


July 20 & 21- Arrived at our rendezvous with tankers and refueled ship, pick-up …passenger for delivery to another ship.  Commence delivering mail and we …ished, join our squadron and received …the orders.


-July 22- Today we were given picket… with four other destroyers 50 miles… ont of tack group – Our carrier


First wave... attack….but later…again…14:25 another boogie…We had several boogie contact …the nights - but was not attacked…


July 23-24- Out on Pickett duty…our planes are still attacking KobeJapan great Naval Base.  Several…contact but proved friendly.


July 25- Still on picket duty…Morning General Quarters sounded…0:15 as our aircraft peppered Kobe again.  Boogie contacts…General Quarters sounded 18:…Jap flare lighting out ship boogie…around.   We were attacked by…which flew fast and low from…releasing its bomb over us,…

…hour…we…the night we saw…high in the air in…fighters got it.   We had a couple of contacts, but were friendly. 


July 26- General quarters at 12:30 with boogies closing-in., proved friendly.  We are now relieved from picket duty by three other destroyers at returned back to main force which are refueling.  We refueled ship, made two final runs, and held anti-aircraft practice.


July 27- Morning General Quarters…04:15 - refueled and provisioned…Sea very rough.  Underway…launch air attack on Tokyo.


Tonight we… again, and… force in the…


July 29 - Morning G.Q. at 04:30 - refueled ship at 5:00.  Nothing… doing today.  At 20:00 the depth… alarm followed by general… sounded as we made a clear contact on enemy sub.  We lost contact… continued search for an hour and… secured.  Boogies during nite… we were not attacked.


July 30 - Morning Generals… sounded at 4:30 - Refueled… ship was checked from stem… for faults which were correct… received orders along with…


The lagoon… and we enter at… and left at a…We sank a small craft by gun fire and another can fired two torpedoes at another, causing damage.  None of our ships suffered any damage.  We entered the lagoon at 22:00 and left at 02:30.


The following messages was sent from Commander of Task force 38 to our squadron (25th squadron)


... tactical maneuvering CMA Fire… X communications and all… of a good Destroyer sailor… most ably demonstrated last… in a tence and daring raid.


“Loud a…For a well p…in the best…you have been…Emperors Black List. X Ha…


July 31 - We are now out of …of Japan.  It was a nerve wrack[ing] deal we just finished.  I was scared to be scared.  We are heading to our task group of… At 13:14 we sighted our forc…refueled ship & provisions *ammu[nition]… Now for some much needed sl[eep]…


Aug 1- Dull day today…around, screening our group…wondering what we’ll do no[w]…

is terrible - I’m losing weight.  As of today we have been on the

open sea (just off Japan) for 42 days and nights.  Very monotonous-


Aug 30- In position as usual - Refueled ship & transferred

passengers from one ship to another.  Received stateside mail.  At 6:00

we received orders for taking…large carrier by to Eniwetok.

We are on our way now.


Aug. 31- Our orders have been changed again.  We delivered

one large carrier to another tas[k] force.  Where it relieved another

carrier.  The other carrier will then be escorted, back to Eniwe[tok]

in the Marshalls.  On our way… the task arous 3[0]…a st….


Sept. 1 – At sea screening task… 38.3  We haven’t seen land for… good while.   We changed comm… yesterday.   We have a new Ca… Today we had a couple more… for typhoid and typhus.


Sept 2- 4  Nothing new h… happened.  We are still at sea… day was declared Sept. 2.  I ce… by having a cup of coffee.  Tomor… we will be in Tokyo bay.  It’s abo… time.  Only has it been but 2 ½ ye… for me to go there.


Sept 5 - 11 – We have been ordered… escort a large carrier back to Pearl Harbor.  On the way we refueled ship… - we also exploded two mines.  The ship is lighted top-side at nite… have been done away…


Sept. 13 - 15  Tied-up in Pearl Harbor alongside a destroyer tender.  We are getting the ship ready for the trip to the states.


Sept. 16 - 22  Moved away from the tender and tied-up alongside another destroyer.  We are now painting the ship in preparation for the return to the U.S.A.


Sept. 23 - 24  Took aboard 90 passengers for passage to U.S.A.  Provisioned ship and refueled.  Will leave in the morning for the states.


Sept. 25 – Underway for Panama.  The passengers get in my way.  Am I glad to leave Pearl Harbor.


Sept. 26 - 30  At  Canal…


Oct. 1 - 6   We are now between Honolulu and Panama.  The (blank) and weather has been clammy. Today, the sixth, we had Captain’s Inspection of Personnel.  We expected to arrive in Panama on the 8th.


Oct. 7 - 8   Today - we arrived in Panama and anchored in Panama City Bay.  At 12:00 we started proceeding through the Canal.  It took us nearly 10 hours to go through.  We are now tied-up at the docks on the Atlantic Ocean side of Canal at a (blank) called Colon, which is also (blank) Solo Naval Base.  Liberty for all hands will be granted.


Oct. 9 - 11 Tied-up at a dock in Colon; Liberty was nice with lots… Will get underway in…


Nov. 7 - 8 Thirty days leave was given to 1/3 of crew.  Still the ship is at the Charleston Navy Yard. Took all ten of our torpedoes from ship – now there isn’t any work to do.


Nov. 9 - 18 – Liberty in Charleston Stinks!


Nov. 19 – Today I left the U.S.S. Murray for good!