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Frank T. Chupashka-10th Armored Division
Frank Chupashka was a member of the 10th Armored Division, also known as the Tiger Division, under General Patton.
These photographs were taken during 1944 and 1945. The summaries below each photo were transcribed from the
comments that Frank wrote on the back of the images.

Click on a photograph to enlarge.

Take it easy with those pistols boys.

A village street scene in Luxembourg.

A close call, but no one hurt.

Hail, hail some of the gang is here in Metz.

Street scenes of a German town with white surrender flags hanging our of windows.

Ruins of St. Lo.

I don't remember the name of this street in Luxembourg.

Out of Action

Eyeweiler, where the natives wear wooden shoes. "Alsace Lorraine"

Pontoon bridge across the Rhine River.

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