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Atomic Bomb
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Jones Interview - May 27, 2002
Yes, we each had a rifle, and later I was issued a pistol. They gave me this when we were going up to the camp Hamadon, near the Russian border. This is where we heard about the first atomic bomb, and we had a celebration that night.

Carr - August 9, 1945
Boy that new bomb sure must be something awful. I guess from all reports that it just wiped about sixty percent of that city off the map and killed almost every living thing within miles.

O'Keefe - August 8, 1945
We are all hoping that this new bomb will do the job. Perhaps this will replace infantry landings and get things over with soon.

Anderson Interview - April 2, 2007
Oh, well, that was really the end and, as I say, at the time I think a lot of people were very upset hearing of how it ended with the dropping of the bomb. But, as…I mean as horrible as it was eventually everybody knew that had that bomb not dropped there would have been many, many more American boys killed so, it was just a way to get the war over and as I say, the celebration…that meant it was over and almost the same type of celebrations took place. As I say, you cannot imagine the screams, the noise, the excitement. It’s something I don’t think I’ll ever see again.