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Bilhorn - June, 15 1943
He was to come home this week but they were going into Philadelphia, to see World Series or something & the Liberty Bell Valley Forge & I know he will enjoy it.

Werrell Interview - September 19, 1943
The weather got nice and they had what they call a battalion baseball team so I tried out for that and I made that so in the mornings, for two months in the mornings we would practice and no duties and in the afternoon we would hop in the truck and go from one camp to another camp to play the other soldiers so God was very good to me after all that hard time. So that was a fun time and I felt so proud of myself because there was a pitcher from the Philadelphia Phillies that was pitching against us and he was terrific. I missed the first two pitches and then all of the sudden I hit the ball right over the third baseman?s head for a triple. Oh boy, I hit it off a professional. That was an exciting time for me and we had a fun time doing that after the war.

Wilson September 30, 1942
Dearest Hal, I wish you could have been here with me today listening to the World Series. After my thinking the Dodgers were practically a cinch to win, the St. Louis Cards came from behind to place first. The Yankees of course are getting so they feel quite at home playing in the series by this time. The Yanks took this first game 7 to 4. The Cards rallied in the last half of the ninth with 3 runs; they had made one in the 7th inning. Red Ruffin set a new series record by pitching a no hit game for 7 2/3 innings.

Wilson October 2, 1942
The base ball game yesterday was such a thrill or so they tell me, I missed most of it. The cards took this second game 4 to 3. Today they were traveling back to New York for the games at Yankee Stadium. I hope to hear the next two.

Thompson October 10, 1943
Well I'll try and write you a few lines. I haven't received any mail yet but probably will tomorrow. I'm here listening to the "World Series" ball game. Trying to listen and write too - some job.

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