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Karl - June 13, 1943
I am writing to stress that it is not official yet, but probably I will come to Germany for at least four months for officer training. The officer school course will take place in [illegible] near Berlin, and we would probably have the opportunity to see each other.

Allen - Feburary 1, 1945
It rained all day, and also yesterday. So the snow is turning to “slush” rapidly, and the ground is thawing out considerably too. It facilitates driving, but really hinders the armored boys. I’m hoping the Russia’s might avalanche reaches Berlin before “the thaw” on that frost. Today they just had 40 miles to go, and it’s the best morale factor since 3rd Gremy’s dash across France last year. Incidentally, did you read, or hear, about the “38th” lauding on Lee-gau? Good ol’ Esquires OC S! Who knows, I may be home before next Christmas after all.

Wronsky August 10, 1945
Col. W.F. Wooley C.O. of the former Airforce Control Commission is now at the Group Council (Air Division) at Berlin from where I had the good news that may parents are living – in the US Zone at Berlin- Dahlem. My father was reinstated as Director of the Remainder of Lufthansa – now doing motor car work. As the General Motors Opel Plant at Russelsheim near Wiesbaden has not resumed production yet – I was glad to find a very interesting job in this Detachment as adviser and assistant to the above mentioned Chief of Economics Section. We are forming now the Civilian Govt. at Land level and are quite busy.

Heinz Briegel Interview
When he came to power, I was five years old, and my parents lived in Stuttgart, Germany, a capital city of that region. Of course since I was only five years old when Hitler came to power I wasn’t very interested in politics at that time, but I was very interested in sports and in 1936, the summer Olympics were held in Berlin and I do remember some of the events there and in particular, I remember the gymnastics.

Harry Marek Interview
We were in the 95th Division, Company C. Megglen and I were split up. He was in the first platoon, and I was in the second platoon. We were on our way to Berlin, but first we had a holiday to celebrate, with turkey, dressing and almost all of the trimmings. It was Thanksgiving, 1944. We had nice warm barns to sleep in on the way to Berlin. The cooks tried to have pancakes or scrambled eggs and coffee for breakfasts. The eggs were powdered, but we ate them anyway. Two field stoves went with us wherever we went.

John McAuliffe Interview
If it weren’t for them we might have had a hell of a lot tougher time in the Bulge, you know because they would have had more people, more resources, more tanks, and younger men fighting. Of course when we were fighting them they had older men and young boys 14, 15 in defense of Berlin. In defense of Berlin they were young boys fighting against the Russians near the end of the war.

Heinz von Schilling Interview
Four months before the attack on Russia we were transferred to a small town south of Berlin, of course not knowing what was waiting for us. During this time I had anti-gas training in Berlin. In May of that year we moved into southern Poland close to the river BUG, quite close to the Russian border. On June 22nd at about midnight our Colonel assembled all people and informed us of the announcement from Hitler, saying that tomorrow morning the Russian border will be passed, because there is the close danger that Russia wants to attack us.

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