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Zeighler - December 5, 1942
Of course there are things I am unable to write, which makes it very hard to write a letter. But never the less you all have a good idea of near about where I am, so it doesnít make much difference, because I am unable to tell you. I imagine Shorty has told you I was promoted. But again I can not tell you my new job and what I am doing....We pass lots of jokes here about the Army and some day Iíll tell you why, but unable to now, as I may catch hell from the officer who censors this letter.

Cook - September 8, 1943
Did you ever get my July letter with the money orders? If not, let me know, as I want to start a tracer on it. It is possible it got on a boat that went the wrong way, as that was just at the time of the invasion of Sicily. It may have been held up on that account. The censors don't hold up letters. They can only keep them for 24 hours and then must send them on if they don't have a chance to censor them at all. That is a very strict rule, I'm told.

Sevastenok - September 19, 1943
Well, Pauline, I am going to close now and go down to the creek to wash some of my clothes. You are always harping at me for not writing often. I don't write often but I write plenty, that is, you get what's left after the censor gets thru with it. You get some, and the censor some, and I get hell for writing something I'm not supposed to. You want to remember - No news from me is good news. For if anything serious happens to me, you will hear about it from the War Department so don't start worrying because of the lack of letters.

Thompson - October 20, 1944
Did I ever tell you I got a letter from you that had been censored? I think it was some knucklehead spot checking the mail. Either that or the letter was never sealed and was checked. Nothing to worry about. When you write V mail, if you ever do, be sure and don't write over the margin. They won't print them then and it takes a long time to get here. I got one that was 6 weeks old and they had stamped in the corner to advise correspondence of such information.

Hunter - November 24, 1944
My do tell me if anything I write you is censored. I am never sure.

O'Keefe - January 31, 1945
Time in Camp Swift is getting short. I can only hazard a guess at where we are going. Probably the Malayan Peninsula, with the Philippines as a close second. Censorship will be put onto us almost any day, so even if I know definitely I will not dare say anything.

Allen - March 1, 1945
The enclosed poem was taken from our Stars and Stripes a few days ago. I rather thought that you'd like it. I'm also enclosing a German bill for a souvenir. I'll tell you the whole story in a few weeks. Can't now - censorship!

O'Keefe - July 27, 1945
This letter is a couple of days late because the original one burned. Censorship is hard to figure out. At times things apparently go through which at the writing would seem highly questionable. Other things that are highly unrelated to local events bounce. There are times that I wonder about the whole thing and almost give up writing letters at all.

O'Keefe - August 8, 1945
One thing that made me unhappy was that fact that at the time I wrote asking for real addresses such was prohibited. Thus the censor, an MIT boy, no less, fixed the deal.

O'Keefe - September 3, 1945
At last censorship is off. It will take a long time before I can get everything told, but I'll keep at it as weeks go on. You know that I am on Okinawa. It is a big island almost 15 by 80 miles.

Von Schilling Interview
I married in 1942 and we had a daughter in 1944. Normally our Field Mail worked well. Telephoning was only permitted under special conditions. I never had trouble with censoring but of course we were not allowed to specify where we were stationed actually.

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