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Comments about flak from letters and interviews:

"During the first months in 1939, after the outbreak of war, I was close to the French border, near Karlsruhe, as a Sergeant responsible for 88 millimeter cannon. A couple of weeks later I changed to a unit in northern Germany with similar responsibilities. Our batteries had to protect the Volkswagen factory against possible air attacks." - Heinz von Schilling, Flak Regiment 18, German Army

"I flew on my first real mission this morning. Target was a railroad bridge north of Rome. We ran into some FLAK- accurate but not much of it. A few of the other [censored phrase]. This is a beautiful island - mountainous and green with many lakes and little native population. I am doing a little flying in B-25ís and have flown over German-held ELBA only 25 miles away." - Henry Triesler, U.S. Army, April 24, 1944

"I have finally gotten that thirteenth mission in. It took me three tries, but I never was superstitious so when I finally went on it, it wasnít a bad mission at all. However, it was to one of our most heavily defended targets, insofar as flak is concerned Ė Vienna. I donít think there will be much beauty at Vienna after this war." - James Goodwyn, 15th Air Force, February 8, 1945

"My last mission was to Linz, Austria - a place with lots of flak. However on our trip it wasn't very accurate." - James Goodwyn, 15th Air Force, February 17, 1945

"Well, Iím back in combat again, having put in my 27th mission. It was to Landshut, Germany, and a milk run (no flak). Flew as lead bombardier in the second squadron, and scored another hit. Believe Iíll be flying all of my missions in the lead position from here out." - James Goodwyn, 15th Air Force, March 19, 1945

German Shell Fragment Found in London.

Scanned by Dr. Means and the Students in the Virtual Curation Laboratory
Virginia Commonwealth University

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