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Iwo Jima
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Montgomery – February 13, 1945
Cecil Alton Montgomery-February 13, 1945: Steaming north – expect an attack from the air any time – No contact with the enemy so far – we are about three hundred miles from Iwo Jima – was able to refuel all ships today. Plane crashed this morning – there is 5 forces altogether in T.B.S. Range, and will operate together. We are 950 miles from Tokyo now, and will start speed run tomorrow night. The weather is becoming cooler.

Montgomery - February 19, 1945
Cecil Alton Montgomery- February 19, 1945: Laying off ninety five miles from Iwo Jima by Japan. We have been refueling ship and taking on ammunition and bombs. Received mail but didn’t get any. Expect to return to Japan in about four days by the way of East China Sea at southern tip of Japan.

Montgomery - February 21, 1945
Cecil Alton Montgomery- February 21, 1945: Laying off Iwo-Jima. Went to General Quarters about 17:30 with several large groups of boogies on our scene. A consisting force over the horizon from us was attacked by Jap planes.

Wenzel - February 27, 1945
John Wenzel-February 27, 1945: I hope you got the box I mailed to you also that you enjoy the camp papers and such. Boy it looks like they are pushing the Germans around plenty right now. They surely are getting plastered from the air, I guess their railroads and such are pretty well smashed up and that is what they are after. In the Pacific we are doing pretty good, all but that damn little Iwo Jima, that surely must be a bloody mess there and the worst kind of fighting.

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