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Miller - February 8, 1945
We have a brownout here in Bethlehem. If you get what I mean. All the lights are dim. The store lights and the bridge lights and everything. A girl has to be afraid to walk along the street nowadays, when it's too dark. Remember "Booby" Smith. He was killed in action too. He was killed on Leyte in the Philippines. We used to have a lot of fun with that guy.

Herold - September 23, 1945
I am well and now at Leyte in the Philippines. I have been in all the action at Okinawa and hit a couple terrible typhoons. These typhoons are worse than combat, I think. I am very thankful that this war is over and we can come home. The point system the navy has is very disgusting. They aren't being fair to us boys that have been overseas and in combat. I have been in the navy 38 months and overseas 30 months out of the 38. They give all the credit to the married men who have just a few months service. We single men want to come home and get married and have a family too. I have 38 points and need six more to get a discharge. I'll be in at least six or eight more months.

Giaimo Interveiw
I was a participant in the Liberation of the Philippine Islands. I fought in the Leyte Campaign. General MacArthur promised when he returned back to the Philippine Islands, the people there would be free from Japanese rule. I also participated in the Luzon Campaign near Manila.

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