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Moments of Faith
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Schilling - October 7, 1942
Kay called me today to find out what color dress she should buy or if we were married. Also that she got the job she wanted back at the airport. The main reason was that Mr. McCarthy died and was buried today. The army flew Dick in from Calif. and Ed got home as he is stationed in Wash. D.C. It was very sudden Margaret found McCarthy unconscious at the foot of the stairs when she got home about 2:30 Sunday morning, and they just had time to get the priest and doctor when he died. He evidently got up to fix the furnace and fell down the stairs. They were a very close family and will miss him very much but God knows best and we must always be ready.

Cook - October 27, 1942
I always have you in my heart and mind, darling, and especially so at 3 P.M. each day. We must both look forward with faith, and with the belief that some day soon we will have peace again, and you will be back safely, and we will be together for many happy years. And I am sure that the time is not too far in the future. Take care of yourself, dearest, and be careful, for both your sake and mine too. I love you, my sweetheart, with all my heart. God bless you, my darling.

Cook - November 13, 1942
I love you with all my heart dearest, and am looking forward to our reunion, which each day brings nearer. I often think of those talks we had the last two or three nights before our separation, and that same faith and belief helps me immeasurably. And remember, sweetheart, no matter where you may be, I am with you in spirit, and in my thoughts and prayers.

Bilhorn - June 15, 1943
So Ollie write soon we love to get your letters and in our prayers every nite we always ask God for his Richest blessings on you.

Cook - August 23, 1943
Sweetheart, I love you with all my heart. Each day I dream of you and of the time we shall be together once more. I say a prayer each night that that time will not be too far distant. All of my love and kisses to you, dearest. Carlton

Socha - March 25, 1944
We are having a nice dinner and with all my heart darling I wish that you were here to enjoy it too. I canít help but think of you dear when Iím seated at the table as you were always beside me when we ate [at] home. Darling, I hope to God those blessed days will be revived very soon, so we can all be together and happy.

Socha - April 6, 1944
Good morning Sweetheart. I heard the birds singing early this morning so must be that spring is actually here. Today is Holy Thurs. and we intend to visit some churches tonight. In each one darling I will say a prayer for you.

McAuliffe Interview
Up in Belgium we were going down a road one day we were heading for the front. Coming against us were the civilians and they were pushing wheelbarrows and baby carriages full of their belongings. They were getting out of harms way; they were moving back and we were moving up to the front. I remember one that came nighttime and we were gonna move in and take relief. So it happened to be a Catholic church, a little church and of course I was brought up strictly in the Catholic church by the sisters and the brothers. I was really indoctrinated into rigid Catholicism and things to do and what not to do. So I got inside the church and these guys are pushing the pews away against the wall and talking and throwing their stuff. Then my mentality is saying gee we're desecrating Godís church. What are we doing here? You know what I mean, I had this mentality? So pretty soon I said, all right, we have to do this, this is war, this is necessary. So anyway the guys were bending down on the floor and it was this lonely church, cause the pulpit was right there and the people were there. So I went up to the altar and being regimented and religious I put my hand on the altar and I said a prayer for the group. In the middle of the altar they have a relic, you know in the Catholic church. I just put my hand on it and said a few prayers....

Von Schilling Interview
Arriving then in Dneprop I suddenly got ill (Icterus infectiosus) and had to be brought to a military hospital. My comrades all had to proceed in their marching on - and later on I got aware that God had protected me because they all were on the way to Stalingrad and not one of them survived unharmed later on.

Werrell Interview
...Germans were trying to escape and so we had to go through this town to try to find these soldiers who were in the transport plane so we went from house to house to house and we got into this barn and I saw the hay moving and they gave us orders to shoot and donít ask questions. So by the grace of God, that the only thing I can say, I just hollered, ďGet out!Ē and a little boy and a little girl, 7 or 8 years old, walked out and I said, ďOh thank you Jesus, for not letting me shoot those kids.Ē

Higgins - May 7, 1945
Today the war here finished. I canít seem to grasp it. This stillness is as bad as all the noise. It seems like a great weight on ones shoulder that canít be shook off. Yes Iím well, not a scratch through it all. Only my soul is battle scarred. Iím much thinner, but I feel fine. The weather here today was beautiful, the first nice day in weeks. I think God arranged it that way. No one seems to know what is going to happen. Iím just praying. If you get a chance to, put in your word. Show no easiness on these people here, they must be guided by a firm hand and a fair one.

Carr - July 4, 1945
Honey I know God hears our prayers and will keep us safe and bring us together as soon as possible now.

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