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George S. Patton
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Byers Interview
When I first went in Quartermaster of the 10th armed division. And from there after I got my basic training they transferred me to England. And February of 1943 they put me into General George S. Pattonís Headquarters. I served in the in Headquarters as a truck driver moving his headquarters from one location to another. Everybody said George was a mean man but he treated us like angels.

McAuliffe Interview
my battalion commander, 3rd battalion, was a friend of his in stateside before the war. They lived together in the same fort or base wherever they were. At one of the reunions I went to, I saw this Lieutenant I think it was L company and he knew General Patton, he knew this Colonel and he gave me his name and I used to write a few poems. He lived in Arkansas and he was 91 years old at the time after the war and I wrote him a letter and I wrote him some poems and I just wanted to thank him for his service and all that, and he wrote back to me in longhand. He said Iím 91 and my wife is 87 and we were friends of General Patton and my wife used to go horseback riding with B, her name was Beatrice Patton, Pattonís wife and he said you know when we were over there in the war General Patton visited me at my battalion headquarters and I took him out up to the line and he crept up to these two soldiers in foxholes. He said to them you know boys you have to stay here you gotta to hold here but its gonna be your ass, thatís what he said to those two soldiers. I guess that let them know.

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