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George Huss Interview
My ship was stationed in the South Pacific and fueled the Pacific Battle Fleet. We offloaded our gasoline and fuel oil into aircraft carriers and battleships. Also, we steamed with a line of five battleships and many aircraft carriers, destroyers, and cruisers. We were always well behind the actual battle. One day, in the early morning, our ship was in the Ulithi Atoll on the Peleliu chain ready to sail when a Japanese midget sub launched a torpedo that sank us. I remember I was on duty at 5:45AM when we got hit. I remember jumping overboard with my life preserver and getting picked up by a lifeboat.

Joseph Keller Interview
I was just in a group. One driver didnít pay attention and drove a tank right into the ocean so they took him out and put me in. That was the extent of my training. I had some very scary things, one time we ran out of ammunition on D-day in Peleliu. We pulled over into the jungle where they couldnít shoot us. The next morning we had to change the barrel on the machine gun because it had been burned out from using it too much. He pulled the machine gun out and had it sitting between us.