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Marek Interview
For our meals, we would warm the “C” rations that were issued, and if we had potatoes, or whatever we could find, we would add them to it. “C” rations were canned stew, bacon and eggs, corned beef hash, Spam and other foods like that. “K” rations were also issued. They were basically the same thing as “C” rations, but sort of in a condensed form.

Allen- Thursday, February 1, 1945
I was expecting one of the officers to come up today with our mail, money, and Px rations, but unfortunately, none arrived. I can do without the money or the rations; but I certainly miss the mail.

Riyuuji- June 13, 1942
We’re glad that we can catch fresh water fish and soft-shelled turtles here since rations are so low because of the war.

Allen- Saturday, November 18, 1945
Two days ago, we had steak, fried potatoes, green beans, and slaw. Not bad, eh? Course, they arent always this good. And manys the day that Ive eaten “C” and “K” rations

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