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VJ Day
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Anderson - April 2, 2007
What about V-J Day? Was that more or less the same? -Oh, well, that was really the end and, as I say, at the time I think a lot of people were very upset hearing of how it ended with the dropping of the bomb. But, as…I mean as horrible as it was eventually everybody knew that had that bomb not dropped there would have been many, many more American boys killed so, it was just a way to get the war over and as I say, the celebration…that meant it was over and almost the same type of celebrations took place. As I say, you cannot imagine the screams, the noise, the excitement. It’s something I don’t think I’ll ever see again.

Delaney - August 15, 1945
Dearest—This is my last piece of V mail paper and I don’t intend getting anymore. With the others I wrote to Joe DePaolo, George Gross, and Steven Trabaylso. I sent them all V J Day letters. Isn’t it wonderful that it is all over – really – and how much we really have to be thankful for – I don’t mean only us, Dearest, but all of us have in Americas. Did you hear the radio broadcast to the Armed Forces this evening? Wasn’t Bing’s “White Christmas” beautiful? It started me dreaming again of the possibility of our being together then – and that “frosty cloud” you spoke of.

Booker - August 31,1944
Why is it the civilians back home read a newspaper and learn of our military successes in Europe then quit their war jobs and in general reach the conclusion the war is over? We have a pip of a war going on here in China and Burma. Have civilians decided it is alright for American soldiers to keep on fighting over here after Germany falls? We will need more than ever, when Germany collapses, all the strength of our home front to put a speedy ending to the war over here. Otherwise, production lag means exactly what we have now- insufficient weapons of war to Christianize the Japs. We need the navy now in European waters and soldiers over there, to finish here. How can civilians figure strategy before our Generals-that the armies in Europe are about through with their job? It seems the blood men shed does not affect a great majority of our laborers, who measure patriotism with dollar signs and time and a half at the drop of a hat.

McCarty - August 10, 1945
Everybody around here is waiting for the radio to announce officially the receipt by Washington of the Jap’s Surrender offer. I hope they accept it! However, there is lots of room for argument over the “Emperor” question. Personally, I can’t see where the Emperor could do a … of a lot of damage if the Allies enforced the provisions of the Potsdam Ultimatum. It sure will seem wonderful to have this war over.It has been raining to beat the devil for the last two or three days here. We have had some wonderful weather tho until the last few days.

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