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Research Class

Elizabeth Andrews
Sara Angelotti
Michael Archer
Russell Baker
Meagan Baker
David Barnett
Jeannette Boling
Cailen Boshak
McKenzie Brackett
Susanna Brescia
James Brown
Kevin Byers
Jason Byrd
Jenna Calautti
Courtney Cavedo
Teri Dulong-Rae
Ryan Early
Jaimie Eissler
Kendra Grinnage
Olivia Hallihan
Daniel Hariprasad
Mary Henin
Richard Hinson
Keegan Hockett
Lisa Horning
Tyler Humphreys
Jonathan Huss
Christine Johnson
Kyle Johnson
Jennifer Joyce
Lynne Kim
Martha Kim
Lindsay Loevenstein
Marissa Maldonado
Bridget Manasco
Katherine McGowen
Paul Messplay
Lauren Moon
Mallory Moore
Cecelia Mueller
Danielle Muench
Kenneth Nguyen
Katrina Nicholson
Jenna Ogden
Cynthia Pantaleo
Burton Pegoraro
Lisa Peou
Laura Petrozza
Alexis Pettigrew
Matthew Risendal
Tristian Sardelis
Caitlin Schrider
Megan Shepherd
Doug Simon
Ryan Sisk
Kristin Stannard
Hayley Tucker

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