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Research Class

Marc Aiello
Barbara Ailstock
Beth Allen
Josie Boehlert
Zachary Bromseth
Tiffanee Brown
Lucille Browne
Kyle Burhop
Susan Cardwell
Justin Carter
Matthew Cherneski
Christina Choi
Kathryn Christian
Jonathan Davis
Meghan Dillard
Bradley Fagan
Matthew Faszewski
Kristen Felix
Andrew Fogg
Shannon Grosse
Katherine Gurecki
Zachary Hamlin
Christopher Herbert
Christopher Higby
Katherine Holley
Brittany Hooper
Bradley Howlett
Lauren Hutchinson
Ifechukwude Ikem
Dawn Iverson
Maya Iyengar
David Jannain
Ryan Johnston
Stephen Kaerwer
Chelsea Kidd
Daniel Koch
Esther Kraines
Nikki Kumar
Lillian Kuo
Joseph Lighthiser
Anne Longerbeam
Matthew Lowe
Marina Lupini
Lindsay Mackey
Katherine Malady
Kerry Marple
Benjamin Martin
David Mattera
Adam Mehrer
Logan Moore
Anjelica Moss
Emily Naret
Katherine Orth
Stephen Paulette
Elizabeth Peek
Katherine Peng
Denise Pietrzyk
Samantha Platania
Jessica Prior
Vanessa Remmers
Kimberlee Rogers
Robert Semus
Kelly Shaffer
Marlee Shupe
Danielle Simmons
Samantha Smelley
Elizabeth Smith
Jeffrey Smith
Jamienne Taylor
Andrew Thomas
Michael Thomas
Alexa Thompson
Bradley Tobias
Andrew Tucker
Katharine Wall
Jessica Wilkinson
Amanda Wilson
Jordan Wilson
Courtney Wimer
Jennifer Wolf

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