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Research Class

Evan Althouse
Julie Anderson
John Anderson
Thomas Armistead
Maliha Ataullah
Patricia Averill
Suzanne Beeckler
Angela Best
Lukasz Blaszkow
Carlton Bloomfield
Jonathan Brightwell
Bret Brooks
Alexander Brown
Cameron Butler
Heather Cameron
Alexander Carter
Viet Chau
Zachary Coffman
Catherine Condrey
Patrick Costa
Samantha Costanzo
Ryan Cottrell
Zachary Cutter
Colton Eagles
James English
Catherine Faszewski
Rebekah Faszewski
Charles Fink
Conner Fish
Rebecca Foy
Austin Fry
Jose George
Madison Gongaware
Ryan Gryder
Gilbert Hall
Adam Hamner
Edward Haver
Madeline Heising
Kristen Herceg
Robert Hite
Brett Holmes
Caroline Houck
Laura Howell
Christopher Hudgins
Chaya Iyengar
Sarah Janicek
Rachel Jordan
David Kimbriel
Jonathan Krone
Emily Kvetko
Cathryn Lankert
Larson Lasek
Michelle Lee
Alex Mazure
Jennifer McAlhany
William McCaferty
Nicholas Mehfoud
Alden Negaard
Andrew Oliver
Zane Pinkleton
Natascha Raisig
Nicolas Santalucia
Samprithi Santosh
Brenden Sardelis
Lisa Scott
Shannon Scott
Christopher Seiler
Mark Smith
Sarah Simmons
Loquacious Simpson
Kathryn Six
Anthony Song
Holli Steinruck
Leah Tams
Thomas Tatum
Lyndsey Tickle
Amanda Toms
Britton Vermaaten
Aimee Wadsworth
Emily Walter
Amanda Weinstein
Matthew Wesdock
Brendan Westfall
Charlotte Wise
Katherine Wise

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