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Research Class

Hayat Adawi

Victor Akhmedshin

Mayesha Alam

Christopher Anton

Kamran Azam

Bryce Badura

Calli Bellinger

Lindsay Cashion

Demitra Chavez

Grace Chi

Lisa Coleman

Christian Colwell

Muhammad Coovadia

Rachel Cumiskey

Morgan Cunningham

Yen Dao

Josephine Dennis

Morgan Dunn

Frederick Early

Alexandra Egan

Claudia Estes

Hailey Farrell

Allie Fischer

Vahnee Garimella

Evan Gentry

Kendra Graham

Arienna Groves

Robert Gunter, Jr.

Benjamin Hardy

Rodney Hodges

Diane Hwang

Eddy Interiano

Lucy Isman

Derrick Johnson

Michaela Jones

Rachel Jones

Parker Joyner

Felicia Juliano

Eva Katsaros

Kayla Keiter

Christopher King

Justin Knight

Trevor Lamb

C.J. Lilovich

Chandler Louks

Cara Lowery

Christina Marlow

Madeleine McElfresh

Brian McGee

Sidney McPhail

Hannah Mercer

Kristin Mitchell

Rebecca Moncayo

Parker Moore

Samuel Moses

Jessica Mulles

Kyle Nicholson

Victoria Nojaim

Claudia Pagan

Kristina Park

Samantha Payne

Rachal Powell

Andrew Price

Bryan Rock

Christopher Rzeszot

Patrick Sanders

Kathleen Shaw

Scout Simes

Bentley Som

Mark Stells

Lauren Strickland

Kylee Stockwell

Samuel Strader

Logan Sundra

Kayleigh Thagard

Patrick Tuite

James Tutino

Daniel Valvo

Evan Washington

Annamarie Webster

Carson Whitmore

Jacob Williams

John Williamson

Zachary Wilson

Mikayla Woodley

Forrest Yeager

Diana Young

Mospherey Yu

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